Jessica Kachmar and Antoine Desilets receive a clinical subspecialty grant

Clinical Subspecialty Scholarships are for medical residents pursuing additional training outside of Quebec. The two selected candidates, Jessica Kachmar and Antoine Desilets, will each receive $25,000.

These scholarships are offered by the Faculty of Medicine at the Université de Montréal through the Clinical Subspecialization Scholarship Fund, which was established in recognition of donations from the R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation and contributions from former beneficiaries.

“Very popular, these scholarships facilitate the completion of advanced additional training, often outside of Canada, and enable prospective physicians to gain new expertise that will be put to good use in our network upon their return,” underlines the D.r Francois Girard, Vice Dean for Postgraduate Medical Studies at the Faculty.

Jessica Kachmar

A fifth year resident in the nephrology program at the Faculty of Medicine, Dr.d Jessica Kachmar plans to do additional training in hereditary kidney disease at the Imagine Institute, located at Necker-Enfants Malades University Hospital. This establishment, affiliated with the University of Paris Descartes, is recognized worldwide in the field of hereditary kidney diseases.

For two years (from October next year), the Dd Kachmar will focus his research on X-linked Alport syndrome, for which there is no cure. For example, she will try to determine the effect of antisense oligonucleotide therapy on RNA in the fibroblasts of patients with this syndrome and carriers of intron mutations, but also on other monogenic nephropathies.

At the end of her training, she will join the rare kidney disease clinic at the Montreal Clinical Research Institute, while continuing her activities as a nephrologist at the University of Montreal Hospital Center (CHUM).

“Managing hereditary kidney disease requires a unique expertise that is rare in Quebec. In my future career in nephrology, I aspire to care for patients with genetic kidney disease at CHUM. I would like to participate in the therapeutic advances in this field and offer my patients specialized treatments,” Dr.d kashmar.

Antoine Desilets

A sixth-year resident in the hematology program of the UdeM Faculty of Medicine, Dr.r Antoine Desilets plans to continue his education in the head and neck oncology department at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the largest private oncology center in the world, affiliated with Cornell University.

For a minimum of two years (from the beginning of autumn), the Dr Desilets will study the use of tipifarnib in patients with advanced or refractory head and neck cancer. He will also try to describe the resistance mechanisms associated with the treatment of patients whose disease progresses with a view to developing second-generation HRAS inhibitors.

“I want to contribute to the advancement of knowledge by improving treatment options for patients with advanced head and neck cancer to prolong survival associated with this type of cancer,” he explains.

After his training, he will join the team of the CHUM Department of Hematology-Oncology and that of the Therapeutic Innovation Unit of the CHUM Research Center, where he aims to bring interdisciplinary research expertise and benefit from the different medical specialties.

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