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On 14-15 June 2022, the University of Toulon, with the support of the Erasmus Mundus+ Program of the European Union, organized a symposium entitled “Bio-inspired & Marine Robotics”, which brought together international scientists, industrialists, lecturer-researchers and students in the field of marine robotics.

The symposium is part of the Erasmus Mundus International Master of Excellence in Marine and Maritime Intelligent Robotics (MIR), which combines robotics and artificial intelligence. It provides advanced training in applied robotics aimed at improving the efficiency, safety, security and environmental performance of the offshore industry and maritime operations. This master, conducted in collaboration with three main partners – Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige (NTNU) in Norway, Universitat Jaume I (UJI) in Spain and Universidade de Lisboa (IST-UL) in Portugal – brings together 58 academic and industrial partners in 21 countries . A European scholarship of 4.3 million euros makes it possible to offer excellence scholarships to students from all over the world.

During this event, scientific and industry experts discussed the challenges facing marine and maritime robotics, and the solutions that bio-inspired robotics and artificial intelligence can provide. Ricard Marxer and Vincent Hugel, lecturer-researchers at the University of Toulon involved in the MIR master’s program, and their doctoral student Clémentin Boittiaux presented their work and progress in ROV localization and pilots in deep waters.

In informal times, the students of the Master MIR were also able to discuss their graduation projects with the participants. An opportunity for them to establish relationships with industrialists who are likely to welcome them for a Master 2 internship.

370 candidates for 24 places

The first year of the MIR master takes place at the University of Toulon in France and the second year takes place, thanks to the support of the scholarship of the European Union Erasmus+ program for student mobility, with one of the three main partners and leads to a double diploma.
For this first year, the University of Toulon received 370 applications for 24 selected students of 14 different nationalities from 5 continents. The close collaboration with research organizations and industrialists in the maritime robotics sector is the strength of this master’s degree, which offers young graduates employment in France and abroad in a constantly evolving sector.

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