Now is not the time to risk your business!

Today, the vast majority of CIOs have the expectation of creating an agile and flexible delivery model, leveraging hyper connectivity and the democratization of data to take advantage of applications that help them to respond to market disruptions and the business to adapt quickly and get ahead of your competition. But it is also a critical time when they must consider not only the resilience of the IT environment, but also information security.

Global cybersecurity spending is expected to reach $198 billion by 2025, according to market analysts GlobalData. This 58% increase in money for this area, according to experts, is mainly due to the increasingly tense geopolitical scenario and the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Enterprises manage a variety of assets, including infrastructure, applications, managed and unmanaged endpoints, mobile devices and cloud services, all of which are at risk.” At the moment, there are also concerns about internal attacks.

A study by IDC (International Data Corporation) reinforces this idea by pointing out that security is invariably at the top or near the top of the list of priorities for companies. Companies are also increasingly equipping their security workloads with artificial intelligence, more than any other workload, to make them better able to predict and act on breaches.

In response to this worrying scenario, IBM is bringing to market the family of servers based on IBM Power10 processors, IBM’s first commercially available 7nm processor, predicted to deliver up to 3 times more processor capacity and power efficiency than compared to the previous generation, the IBM POWER9, enabling performance that meets the demands of modern business applications.

With each new generation of Power processors, customers count not only on a leap in performance, but also on industry innovations that make Power servers stand out in terms of elasticity and scalability, processing at the consumption, energy efficiency (which helps in the strategy of reducing the carbon footprint of companies) and many features that aim to guarantee the differentiated availability that this family of servers offers to its customers, elected for 12 consecutive years by the customers in an ITIC survey, as the server with the longest availability on the market.

But Power10 also emphasizes the security and protection of customer data, bringing very important news for business continuity.

Power10 systems have been engineered over 5 years with hundreds of patents to help protect sensitive data, including the latest comprehensive encryption capabilities in hybrid cloud deployments. Power10 processors include unique accelerators for in-memory data encryption, completely transparent to applications and developers, out of the box. Transparent in-memory data encryption is designed to simplify this process and support end-to-end security without impacting application performance, leveraging hardware resources for a seamless user experience.

In this way, applications on Power10 benefit from the acceleration of cryptographic algorithms (with 4x the number of cryptographic accelerators), allowing algorithms such as AES, SHA2 and SHA3 to run much faster on Power10.

IBM Power10 is also designed to provide new hardware-enhanced container protection and isolation capabilities. If a container is compromised, the user no longer needs to quarantine the entire virtual machine (VM) and can isolate only the affected container, leaving the others safe before the intrusion spreads and while work continues.

Recently discovered vulnerabilities

As GlobalData pointed out that new vulnerabilities can be discovered at any time and to better respond to new discoveries in real time, IBM Power10 allows users to dynamically control the execution log, which means users can create secondary channels and other scripts to avoid vulnerabilities. to protect your system, without having to wait for a patch, minimizing potential performance losses.

New technologies bring with them new opportunities and this, of course, can be taken advantage of – for better or for worse. To be ready for the quantum era, Power10 systems are designed to efficiently support upcoming encryption techniques such as secure quantum encryption and fully homomorphic encryption (FHE). Secure quantum cryptography refers to efforts to identify algorithms resistant to attacks from classical and quantum computers – in preparation for when large-scale quantum computers will be built. Homomorphic encryption refers to encryption techniques that allow systems to perform calculations on encrypted data without first decrypting the data. The software libraries for these solutions are optimized for the POWER Instruction Set Architecture (ISA), which are now (or will soon be available) in their respective open source communities.

Also new to the Power Systems server family with Power10 are built-in matrix math accelerators that have been extrapolated to deliver 10x, 15x, and 20x faster AI inference for FP32, BFloat16, and INT8 calculations (respectively per socket) than the previous version , allowing AI application inference to be embedded where the data resides, avoiding data transport and therefore security exposure.

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