Parking at the swimming pools?! They are responsible! And ready!.

There are situations, dear readers, which, after a long wait, force the citizen to raise his voice, in the name of solutions to burning problems related to the community which for years have seen no solution, for the rightful claimants. I will try to sum up the parking lot chaos that the residents of the Piscine complex live in. Rua João Cruz, located at the back of the building where I have lived for 13 years, has no exit and has always served as a parking space for the inhabitants of the buildings who see the meager places in the square, very early in the morning, all occupied by those fleeing the prices of parking in the streets and public parks. Here they park between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. An authentic mobile invasion! The ridiculous situation that I am about to relate, brings to light bizarre aspects that I would never have imagined to observe, in a “clearly alive fire”. The calm Saturday of 03/26, at 4:40 p.m. I was going to my car parked in Rª João Cruz, when I saw two policemen arriving and, being very busy, I noticed to my amazement that they began to issue fines, placed indiscriminately, on car windows, there, lazily parked, waiting for another 2nd working class. Faced with the strangeness of this situation, I spoke to the agents, asking them what law the owners of the vehicles had transgressed, to be punished, therefore, at close range, a weekend. The fine in this street had already become customary! And, it occurred to me, the Muslim consecration of the Sabbath, here, for free, violated. During the five days of the week when the swimming pool and tennis courts are open, seeing the police issuing tickets has become a habit, however, on Saturdays, as Mr. Agent explained, the anomaly of your intervention?! ” The answer was not long in coming: “We came in a hurry and the service must be done, quickly and efficiently”. Jealous of his job, the agent explains to me that some cars would already be fined for the second time, others for the fourth!. He cries out to the heavens! And, continuing, without even understanding what the police were telling me, I asked, incredulous: “But under what law are you acting, gentlemen?” Under what law or decree or paragraph?! – explain to me please”. And this surprisingly illiterate argument comes out of his mouth: “Look my lady, about nothing, you know what?! They ordered us to fine all the cars that are not parked in a straight line…from here to there…” And I tried to visualize the geometry of the “hidden thing”: “From here to there, forward, you know, now?! I tried, but I couldn’t do it… An elderly and very distressed lady arrives, out of breath: “Oh my God, I’ve lived here for 34 years and my husband has always parked, like that, at an angle, like all the neighbours. He has Alzheimer’s disease and cannot drive. The agent, imperturbable, agrees: “Come on, come on, ma’am, get rid of it! Get the car out of here and quickly, you hear, we have to finish the job. work in ten minutes. And I kept asking them who had ordered them to make this sad figure: “Well, listen, madam, it was really the commander. He received a complaint against the posit parking ion of the past and this weekend, the matter must be resolved”. – Oh! Mr. Commandant!… And why weren’t local residents notified in advance of the change in parking rules, by whom? And the agent tried to silence us, with a quick response, while he continued at the single fines office: “Listen, ladies, I don’t know that! Ask them! They are responsible. And ready! It is so! We will continue to issue more tickets as long as there are cars parked here. While the echo of the grotesque of this situation reached the ears and the wallets of almost all the residents, an atmosphere of agitation was generated around the “fine” for unknown reasons. “This is hell! I’ve already paid three fines. ‘I’m a teacher…I can’t stand the injustice of these fines or this unusual situation.’ police! And write to the Chamber! Oh, yes, and what good is that to you? But where do we park our cars?! No one warned us of anything. What the hell, it’s not done!” Now operating from a bias is a methodology that doesn’t even remind us of the Devil, that damn guy but just in what he does!.We all know he’s on the loose, but a Devil in fines, applied to the back of the head, and not a red cape and horns on the forehead, is such a big cap that even Mestre Gil would not dare parade, in this unusual procession of fines! the omen!

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