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Otto Friedrich University of Bamberg

Peter Riedlberger brings international scientific talent to Bamberg

The Professor of Late Antiquity History and Culture is a scout for Humboldt Research Fellows.

Teacher. Dr. doctor doctor Peter Riedlberger in Bamberg in the coming years. The Professor of Late Antiquity History and Culture at Otto-Friedrich University has been selected by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation as a scout Henriette Herz. In the Henriette Herz Scouting program, Scout Recommendation replaces peer review, which is otherwise used to award the coveted Humboldt Scholarships. Both parties benefit from the Humboldt exchange. From a German perspective, this will strengthen the internationalization of German research in particular.

Humboldt scholarships are in high demand

“Being selected as a scout is a special honor that also comes with great responsibility,” says Peter Riedlberger. Since only a formal review takes place after the Scout recommendation, much depends on the responsible exercise of the right to make proposals. During this series of awards, only three professors of social sciences and humanities were selected as scouts in Germany. “This is a great personal success for Prof. Riedlberger and strongly confirms the performance and competitiveness of historical research at the University of Bamberg”, emphasizes Prof. Dr. Thomas Saalfeld, Vice President for Research and young scientists at the University of Bamberg. Humboldt Research Fellowships are highly competitive fellowships that allow foreign researchers who have completed their doctorate to conduct research in Germany for a specified period. The Humboldt Foundation found that some groups could not be reached to the extent desired. “An excellent scientist who, thanks to her achievements, obtained a permanent position at an early age, may not take the time to write an application alongside her daily work,” says Riedlberger. A highly qualified post-doc from Mexico might think more of the United States than Germany when it comes to a stay abroad. The Henriette Herz Scouting program was set up to reach these people. Each year, around 40 German professors are selected from all subjects, who have up to three nomination rights.

Promotion of women through the Henriette Herz scouting program

During the selection, Peter Riedlberger attaches particular importance to the quality that has proven itself in the publications: “It is not only a question of being ‘promising’, but above all of keeping this promise.” being promoted. “The postdoctoral phase is the period during which a particularly large number of women leave science for various reasons,” says Riedlberger. In addition to research and family, there is often little time left to write applications. “A Humboldt Fellowship is an amazing opportunity to conduct fully-funded research on a topic of your choice for up to two years,” says Riedlberger. “The results obtained in this way can be expected to boost his career. In addition, the Humboldt Foundation ensures excellent networking with the German academic landscape, but also among the postdocs themselves. The prestige of the Humboldt Foundation is also huge.”There is no doubt that ‘Humboldt’ will come in handy later on in the CV when applying for a job.”The University of Bamberg provides guest researchers with office space and equipment research. Informally, they are involved in Peter Riedlberger’s research group working on late antique constitutions with an ERC grant. “But of course the Humboldt people are free to do their own research. The host, c i.e. I encourage and support,” says Riedlberger.

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