Rhein-Kreis: the jury awards two scholarships to migrants

Integration works in the Rhine district
The jury awards a scholarship to migrants

Denis Dorskiy and Ahmet Eren Akdag receive 300 euros per month during their studies. The jury decided unanimously in favor of the two graduates.

They have only lived in Germany for four years and have both just graduated from high school. And that is now being rewarded. Because Denis Dorskiy and Ahmet Eren Akdag are each supported up to 300 euros per month during their studies. Since 2009, the Rhein-Kreis has awarded scholarships to committed migrants every year. When selecting, it is not only important to have a good Abitur average, but also that this good result was obtained in a short period of time. The jury also takes into account the social commitment of the candidates. Seven young people applied this year, according to headteacher Tillmann Lonnes. Not an easy decision for the jury, but in the end it was unanimous.

Denis Dorskiy (18) graduated from Norbert-Gymnasium with a grade of 1.2. The ethnic Russian, who was and stayed in Germany as an exchange student for a year, would like to study architecture at the RWTH University of Aachen. It is also his concern to promote intercultural exchanges. “However, I noticed that since the war of aggression, the Russians were not well received,” he says.

Ahmet Eren Akdag fled Turkey with his parents four years ago. He had already taken German lessons at school for a year and was thus able to interpret in the refugee camp where the family lived for a year and to help other refugees in their dealings with the authorities. Eren lives in Meerbusch, but hasn’t found a place in a school there. He finally found it at the comprehensive school in Neuss on the Erft.

Director Elsbeth Faber, who is also a member of the jury, said that after reviewing the preliminary scores, she had the idea that Eren was a suitable candidate for the scholarship. The 19-year-old plans to study computer science in Bonn. The two are now expected to motivate other young people with an immigrant background to achieve their educational goals. For the district, the scholarship is an important component of its integration work.

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