Samsung shows off the power of Neo QLED TVs in Brazil | Practical work and printouts

At the end of May, Samsung finally announced the launch of the Neo QLED QN90B line of televisions, focused on the gaming public, in Brazil.

In a private press event, TudoCelular got a chance to try out the product before its official launch, in addition to chatting a bit with representatives from Samsung Brazil about the brand’s launch strategies and how this new line promises to revolutionize the lives of those who love games.

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June 14

2022 Samsung Neo QLED TVs Receive Carbon Trust CO2 Reduction Certification

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Sizes for all tastes

In recent years, the gaming industry has increasingly invested in immersive experiences for gamers, whether through tactile sensations, 3D spatial sound or increasingly realistic graphics.

While the market currently has devices that carry and centralize all of these technologies, we can’t deny that a PS5 or Xbox Series will never reach its true potential without a TV or monitor that supports these features.

With this in mind, Samsung decided it was time to pay more attention to this audience, especially since the most hardcore gamers are always on top of the latest technology and do not hesitate to invest a lot of money in new technologies that improve their performance and bring an even more immersive experience.

It is from this reflection that the range of Neo QLED televisions was born. Presented in four different sizes (43″, 50″, 55″ and 65″), the line is aimed at all types of users, whether they are those looking for image and sound quality for TV shows and streaming applications or those who want to enjoy games with maximum sound and image quality.

Does the game only have the name?

We cannot deny that the gaming industry is one of the strongest in the world and that many brands try to ride the wave of this success by linking their products to this aspect, but without actually bringing a substantial profit to those who play.

During our brief test, we could attest that the Neo QLED really give gamers something to think about, whether for its high refresh rate of up to 144Hz (exclusive to 43″ and 50″ models), FreeSync Premium Pro, screen ultrawide with up to 32:9 aspect ratio (when connected to a computer and with compatible games), Dolby Atmos and On-the-Go Sound, and a host of other features that let you make the most of state of the art hardware and games.

One of the features that draw a lot of attention to the device is the game menu, which has an attractive futuristic look and offers extremely important and simplified options, including adjustments for input lag, HDR, FPS , aspect ratio and others.

TC: The whole campaign, from what we’ve seen, is centered around gamer television. Do you see this approach as a problem for users who are not gamers?

Guilherme Campos, Neo Level Product Manager: Go. It is a very interesting investment. We try to get closer to the public of the players, because these people are very enthusiastic technically.

This TV here is the top of the range 4K we offer, so it’s the most specified. With this, we ignite this audience of gamers due to the specification, but even for those who don’t like games, we create the logic that this is the most powerful product on the market in terms of positioning. image, design and experience.

With that, our communication is not limiting and it can even be seen in certain pieces, where we highlight the versatility of use of this television.

As we previously reported, at the end of June Xbox and Samsung are finally starting their partnership to bring the Xbox experience to TVs manufactured from 2022 onwards and the Neo QLED range will be one of those being considered with this amazing news.

To make life even easier for users, when this new feature is released, users will be able to quickly access the app through a new icon on the TV’s Smart Hub. Unfortunately, we were only able to see a preview of what this new menu will look like, since the function is not yet available, but it seems that the use will be very intuitive and as simple as that of applications such as as Netflix, Prime Video and others.

Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming have proven to be two very important tools for streaming video games, especially for those who can’t afford to invest in a state-of-the-art console or PC. Having these services integrated into a TV could be a game-changer in the gaming industry.

TC: Do you offer benefits to attract new Game Pass subscribers through this partnership with Samsung?

Guilherme Campos, Neo Level Product Manager: During this negotiation period, we were all waiting to see what was going to happen, but now that the partnership has been announced, we have spoken frequently with Microsoft about how we can expand this. In all aspects, at the point of sale, in digital communication, in partnership on Game Pass.

Now the sky is the limit. We are very interested and they are also interested in strengthening the partnership.

In our hands-on, we were able to attest that the image qualities that stand out at game time, such as: color and lighting, are truly an attraction of these devices, delivering crystal-clear images that leave no make way for “blind spots” in a Fortnite match, for example.

Speaking of Fortnite, it’s one of Samsung’s big partners in launching this line and the Brazilian marketing division has even created an in-game map for streaming, which will soon be available to everyone.

Another highlight of the test was the absence of “ghosting”, tearing and other graphical issues, even in games with high quality graphics and extreme on-screen action, such as Forza Horizon 5. , which features destructive landscape effects, dust, water splash on camera and more.

Is the investment worth it?

During the event, it became clear that, as this is a product full of technical improvements focused on the gaming audience, the devices are not as accessible as those of the Crystal line or other simpler lines, with this we can already say that the investment is high.

Considering that the device can be used not only for games but also for the functions of a traditional television, we can already envisage a “2-in-1 device”, but the whole thing should be even more attractive with the arrival of the integration with the Xbox app. , which eliminates the need for a console and increases the cost-benefit ratio for the user.

We know that Samsung televisions are among the best in the world and that the brand is constantly investing in new technologies, which guarantees us products of high quality and durability (even more so with a 10-year guarantee against the effects of burning, permanent stains on the screen).

Tech aficionados will certainly be impressed with the quality of the product, but it certainly shouldn’t be the kind of purchase that grabs everyone’s attention, even more so for casual gamers or those who rarely watch TV.

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