Schools in the Olpe district: Finnentrop pupils said goodbye

The pupils of the district of Olpe graduated and received their certificates. You can find an overview here.

It’s that time again. The following students leave school with their reports. Who graduated where? How many received the dream rating of 1.0? You can find an overview (we add to it regularly) here.

  • The Olpe district has diverse school environment. In the seven cities and municipalities, there are six high schools, three secondary schools, three middle schools and two comprehensive schools. And in addition to the municipal schools, there are also church-run educational institutions in Olpe, Attendorn and Lennestadt.
  • What follows the formation continues There are: the comprehensive school Bigge-Lenne in the municipality of Finnentrop, the secondary school in the district town of Olpe (locations in Olpe and Drolshagen), the secondary school Lessing in Grevenbrück, the secondary school in the city of Lennestadt, the school St Ecole Francis in Olpe: grammar school and grammar school, the grammar school Hundem-Lenne, the St. Ursula Realschule Attendorn, the Rivius Gymnasium of the Hanseatic city of Attendorn, the Municipal Gymnasium Olpe and the Hanseschule Attendorn (school secondary).
  • Also, there is this Vocational school in the district of Olpe.

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Bigge-Lenne Finnentrop comprehensive school

“Departure to other dimensions” – under this motto, 81 students of the last year 10 of the comprehensive school Bigge-Lenne Finnentrop said their farewells. For the first time in three years, the graduation ceremony was held as a joint event for all three classes. Principal Thorsten Vietor greeted guests in the school center canteen, which had been repurposed as a BLG airport, and in his speech recalled milestones for graduates over the past six years. With a wink, he also recalled many events – especially that of the students – where they had tested the limits of school rules over the past few years. “Here”, summarizes Vietor, “it is important in life to always take responsibility for one’s own actions.” Fortunately, this happened in most cases.

After welcoming words from Mayor Achim Henkel, as well as School Board President Kathleen Thiel and student representatives Hanne Schmidt-Holthöfer and Anastasija Stanojevik, the class teachers presented their final certificates to their students. According to the principal, it was remarkable that when they started school in class 5, only three students in the year who were leaving had received a recommendation to attend a high school. There are now 28 who have acquired the qualification to attend upper secondary school. If 16 students have now taken this school route, the majority (53) are moving towards a vocational high school, including 31 students who will begin vocational training after the summer holidays.

At the end of the canteen event, Department Head Michael Hesener honored the students’ special achievements (best report card and special social commitment) on behalf of the Eibach Foundation. Earlier, in his welcome speech, Wilfried Eibach described the importance he attaches to close cooperation between the comprehensive school and the Eibach company as a training company. The idea behind the foundation is to give something back to the region, society and people for the opportunities Eibach had in Sauerland for seven decades. This commitment also applies in times of crisis, today and tomorrow. The Eibach family attaches particular importance to promoting the education and training of young people.

Melanie Godulla (class 10c) and Kim Klein (class 10a) received the Nina Eibach Sponsorship Award for their outstanding social commitment at school. Both receive a grant of 50 euros/month for the duration of their two-year vocational school training. Leni König (class 10c) and Premtim Ademi (class 10c) each received the special Nina Eibach prize, each endowed with 1,000 euros for the best certificate.

The farewell party ended with a champagne reception in the schoolyard.

Municipal gymnasium of Olpe

109 students will be graduating from high school this year municipal high school came by and said goodbye to the SGO on Saturday. After a service at St. Martin’s Church, the school children reunited with their parents and siblings as well as SGO teachers for the ceremony at the town hall. The festivities started with the piece of music “forget you”, performed by the SGO wind orchestra under the direction of Stefan Burghaus, which was certainly a special day for those present. While the celebrations of the last two high school graduation classes took place on Schützenplatz due to the pandemic, the class of 2022 was once again celebrated at the Stadthalle.

Manager Holger Köster was the first to congratulate and welcome the many guests on Saturday morning. During their high school years, the age group chose the Abimotto Abiloha – based on the Hawaiian Aloah. The associations with beautiful sandy beaches and the lived-in comfort of Hawaii also inspired Köster in his speech, allowing the graduating class to relax a little after the successful exams: “You have now honestly won such islands after have successfully completed your studies. . You have reached an important milestone in your life!” Some students had to “really row” for their Abitur and are now truly “island ready”, while the principal praised other students for their responsible actions. Köster ended his speech with the call “do something with the good and sometimes excellent results of Abitur!” and wished the graduating class courage, success, happiness and health, “but also always an island full of imagination and humor”.

Also Deputy Mayor Markus Brocher, School Board President Andreas Fischer and SGO Student Spokesperson Michel Schneider congratulated the high school graduates. The town hall celebrations also served as a setting to honor the 1972 high school diploma.

In their speech, the class team Katharina Daxer and Jochen Born reported on their experiences with the class over the past three years. Claudius Rosenthal, who was elected level speaker, also addressed his classmates, teachers and guests present on Saturday morning.

As part of the presentation of certificates, distinctions were awarded for special achievements in MINT subjects, as well as in foreign languages ​​and humanities. The very good overall performance was also greeted with applause on Saturday morning, as this year again four students achieved the dream grade of 1.0. 38 students obtained an average mark with a 1 before the comma.

Olpe: Noah Arens, Hannah Aßmann, Laura Aßmann, Jasmin Bejaoui, Elena Belke, Kubilay Bellikli, Max Luka Bienias, Anna Brakemeier, Pascal Dittmer, Leonard Döppeler, Lara Eisner, David Erben, Viktoria Maria Frorath, Madeleine Heide, Liv Amelie Heite, Mia Anna Hesse, Jack Huckestein, Moritz Hücking, Finn Hülsmann, Stefanie Christine Joebges, Hannah Milena Judt, Eliana Kapodistrias, Ioannis Kourtis, Jette Katharina Krenz, Lara Küster, Thomas Litter, Hanna Magers, Laura Maier, Paul-Luca Marschner, Lina Marie Meier, Laura Jennifer Pasieka, Medeni Pathmarajah, Jule Quast, Christopher Rademacher, Lina Reiche, Nicolas Schadeberg, Lena Schauerte, Alica Schmitt, Kaja-Susan Schreiner, Marilena Schwarz, Jan-Luca Siveri, Linus Solbach, Nick Sonsalla, Jarne Spille, Timo Stemmer, Niels Uthmann, Finn Venema and Niklas Walter.

Revolve around: Nico Jonathan However, Laura Karolina Bänke, Clara Bröcher, Hannah Burbach, Aysemin Cetin, Stella Lucia Christiani, Tristan Clemens, Saajisan Elango, Sara Latizia Fazlioglu, Anna Maria Rosa Fischer, Pia Greit, Nils Hilchenbach, Hannah Junge, Leonie Junge, Barbara Linda Klein, Fine Maray Klein, Emma Jolien Klesen, Céline Kneuper, Peter Koch, Kira Sophie Lange, Dominik Langenhan, Marvin Meisch, Anna-Lena Müller, Darwin Bruce Noack, Ricarda Piroth, Johannes Quast, Claudius Nikolaus Rosenthal, Nick Ruttmann, Moritz Schenk , Greta Scheppe, Hannah Schneider, Leon Schönauer, Rosa Schrage, Philipp Solbach, Marie Stach, André Stahl, Janis Stahl, Linus Stahl, Roman Stahl, Sascha Steinhauer, Ferhat Ullah, Lara Weber, Lina Paulin Wehler, Camilla Elisabeth Weisse, Milena Wolf , Matthias Zdrojevski.

Freudenberg: David Nikolai Bayerl.

Drolshagen: Aulon Bytyqi, Jan Fernholz, Saskia Madeline Franzen, Mira Haas, Fin Lasse Hagendorff, Marina Hesse, Daniel Peisz, Jens Rudolph, Sebastian Scholemann and Lea Skirka.

Bergneustadt: Lina Marie Knautz.

Attendant: Oscar Munch, Melanie Schar.

city ​​mountains: Luna Nebija.

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