Vacancies for operators, technicians, assistants, developers, among others, are offered by Positivo Tecnologia in Curitiba this 14

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Positivo Tecnologia, present in education and information technology, offers secondary and higher level job offers in Curitiba

Positivo Tecnologia, part of Grupo Positivo, is offering several job and internship offers this June 14. Currently, the company, which has in its portfolio computers, mobile phones, servers, tablets, accessories, among others, has job offers and internships for the city of Curitiba, Paraná.

About the company

Breaking down barriers for more than three decades, Positivo Tecnologia has conquered the market and reached the homes of millions of Brazilians. The company’s portfolio includes computers, tablets, smartphones, mobile phones and telemedicine devices, as well as equipment for schools in more than 40 countries.

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Positivo Tecnologia is Great Place to Work (GPTW), a certification granted to companies internationally recognized as the best to work for, based on evaluations made by the employees themselves. In the GPTW Paraná ranking, it is in the top 20.

Discover the featured job offers at Positivo Tecnologia

Job Vacancy for IT Technician – Curitiba, PR

  • Preconditions: Complete technician in computer science, electronics and related.
  • Main attributions: Corrective and preventive maintenance of computer hardware and software, for computer and mobility (cellular) equipment; Perform tests for the release of equipment; Maintain positions and service information in control systems; Perform ESD procedures, controlled work environment. Realization of assets with the end customer.

Vacancy for PCD Teaching Assistant – Curitiba, PR

  • Preconditions: Higher Education in Pedagogy, Licenses, Psychology; Knowledge of the Office package; Education experience.
  • Main attributions: Drafting of educational materials (projects, technical specifications, proposals, etc.); Participate in meetings with internal teams and customers; Make product presentations.

Job offer for an accounting internship – Curitiba, PR

  • Preconditions: Bachelor’s degree in accounting, administration or economics; Intermediate Excel.
  • Main attributions: File update; Accounting reconciliation; Launch of reclassifications; Development of procedures.

Job offer for Process Operator III in Curitiba, PR

  • Preconditions: Knowledge of handling welding equipment is required. (iron, hot air, preheating); A complete technical course in electronics, mechatronics, electricity or computer science is required.
  • Main attributions: analysis and diagnosis of faults in analog and digital electronic circuits of motherboards of laptop computers, desktop computers, tablets and cellular telephones; Reading and interpretation of electrical diagrams; Repair process of electronic boards with SMT and PTH components; Reballing process and replacement of BGA components; Process of recording firmware in electronic components.

Consult the other job offers offered by Positivo Tecnologia

  • Senior Database Administrator – Curitiba, PR;
  • Technical Support Agent – ​​Curitiba, PR; and remotely
  • Administrative Analyst Pl. – Curitiba, PR;
  • Control Analyst – Curitiba, PR;
  • Cost Analyst – Curitiba, PR;
  • Senior IT Infrastructure Analyst – Curitiba, PR;
  • Technological Innovation Analyst Pl. – Curitiba, PR;
  • Marketing Analyst – Curitiba, PR;
  • Senior Financial Planning Analyst – Curitiba, PR;
  • Junior Project Analyst – Curitiba, PR;
  • PCD Human Resources Assistant – Curitiba, PR;
  • Service Assistant – Curitiba, PR;
  • Financial Assistant – Curitiba, PR;
  • Technical Assistant – Curitiba, PR;
  • Logistics Assistant – Curitiba, PR;
  • Process Assistant – Curitiba, PR;
  • Pre-Sales Technical Consultant – Curitiba, PR;
  • Front Developer Mr. – Curitiba, PR;
  • Full Stack Developer M. – Curitiba, PR;
  • M. Mobile Developer – Curitiba, PR;
  • Developer M. Payment Methods – ​​​​Curitiba, PR;
  • Cost Specialist – Curitiba, PR;
  • Design Internship – Curitiba, PR;
  • Junior Support Technician – Curitiba, PR;
  • In-store salesperson – Curitiba, PR.

Job applications at Positivo Tecnologia

To apply for jobs at Positivo Tecnologia, simply click here, select the desired job and apply.

Click Petróleo e Gás is not responsible for fulfilling job offers and internships offered by Positivo Tecnologia, only promoting opportunities in different locations in Brazil and around the world. To apply and get more information, go to the website or profile of the company offering the vacancies and be sure to check the requirements and activities. Good luck!

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