vivo X80 PRO is the latest to arrive in Europe

Moreover, the phone also has a set of technical specifications which includes the latest and greatest Android chipset currently in the market. Vivo has just launched its flagship smartphone, the X80 Pro 5G, in Europe.

Latest vivo smartphone to arrive in Europe vivo offers a professional imaging system designed in collaboration with ZEISS and promises superior sensors that allow users to capture the perfect shot every time. With this live partnership, he intends to offer his fans and customers the ability to easily take great photos and videos. Moreover, the phone also has a set of technical specifications which includes the latest and greatest Android chipset currently in the market.

The last thing you want to do is look for a plug in a weird place and on top of that have to wait hours for the phone to charge. What if your phone could charge faster than usual?

Vivo has just launched its flagship smartphone, the X80 Pro 5G, in Europe. This phone offers a premium experience with new photo taking features. The X80 Pro is designed to provide users with an exceptional photographic experience, with enhancements such as cinematography and other innovations.

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Imaging system co-designed by vivo and ZEISS

Image quality is one of the most important aspects of a smartphone camera, and vivo has always been committed to providing users with the best possible experience. The new V1+ chip and standard ZEISS T*Coating rear camera lens combine to create brilliant, natural colors as well as cinematic portraits and videos. The imaging system is co-engineered by vivo and ZEISS, ensuring users get the best possible image quality. With the new V1+ chip, users will be able to enjoy advanced features such as 4K video recording and HDR processing. Additionally, the standard ZEISS T*Coating rear camera lens helps reduce glare and ensure accurate color reproduction. As a result, users will be able to capture beautiful images and stunning videos on any screen.

vivo X80 PRO is the latest to arrive in Europe 2

New effects have been added to the ZEISS Superb Portrait functions. With these effects it is possible to create a classic Hollywood aesthetic with a movie-like bokeh effect and widescreen aspect ratio. You can also enhance the effects with live cinematic lens simulation algorithm and dual camera depth of field technology.

The Vivo X80 Pro offers superb night scene effects and the ZEISS Superb night camera offers options such as Pure Night View and XDR Photo, which can fine-tune the clarity of images.

The vivo X80 Pro has features that will enhance your mobile photography experience. One such feature is ZEISS Natural Color. With this feature, the camera will be better able to capture natural colors. This is done using the Al Perception engine, which makes it easy to change color and brightness during a photoshoot. Another new feature of this phone is the ability to adjust the tone brightness. It will make the photos more realistic and natural.

The X80 Pro has a 32MP front camera and a quad rear camera system. The rear system has a 50 MP ultra-sensory camera that is ideal for taking photos and has optical image stabilization. There’s also a 48MP wide-angle camera, a 12MP portrait camera, and an 8MP periscope camera. The 12MP portrait gimbal camera is the main upgrade and helps make videos better and more stable. As for the X80 Pro’s main camera, it also features a unique custom CNG sensor that helps you take great photos by reducing reflection and stray light. It also has a high transmission glass lens that reduces dispersion and temperature drift.

vivo X80 PRO is the latest arrival in Europe 3

Vivo’s X80 Pro features numerous upgrades that create a photography experience that stands out. For the first time, the ZEISS Cinematic Video Bokeh mode gives users the ability to create oval bokeh in a cinematic 2.39:1 ratio. This produces a widescreen lens effect that can capture very aesthetic and expressive video images. Users also have the option to choose normal lens video bokeh and thus create portrait bokeh videos with just one click. The bokeh effect varies with focal length, aperture and shooting distance, and in a normal 16:9 frame the bokeh balls are round.

State-of-the-art processor

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor features an E5 Ultra Vision display and liquid cooling vapor chamber technology for a smooth and powerful user experience. It’s one of the first processors in the world to include vapor chamber cooling, which helps dissipate heat more efficiently than traditional air-cooled designs. The result is a processor that runs cooler and can handle heavier workloads without slowing down. Combined with the high-resolution display and fast wireless connectivity, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor is designed to deliver a premium user experience.

Vivo X80 Pro Project

The X80 Pro features a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. This is an improvement over its predecessor, the X80 Pro. It also has better CPU performance and is equipped with advanced LPDDR5 and UFS 3.1 for high-speed execution and storage.

Fast in everything even in loading

Vivo’s new pro x80 smartphone packs a host of cutting-edge technologies, including an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, 80W FlashCharge fast charging, and 50W wireless charging. These advanced features represent vivo’s commitment to providing the most efficient and productive mobile experience possible. The ultrasonic sensor is able to unlock the phone quickly and accurately even when the user’s finger is wet. FlashCharge 80W offers significantly faster charging times than conventional chargers, while the 50W wireless charger offers the ability to charge your phone without having to plug it into a wall outlet. With these features, vivo once again establishes its place at the forefront of the smartphone market.

vivo X80 PRO is the latest arrival in Europe 4

The new X80 Pro has significant battery upgrades that can satisfy everyone’s needs. The X80 Pro supports 80W FlashCharge, but also 50W wireless FlashCharge with a big 4700 mHhh battery. Even with this battery size, the X80 Pro can be fully charged in just 36 minutes.

High quality design and construction

The new premium frame for the rear module is made with Fluorite AG crystal and has a ceramic finish for a refined look. It is IP68 certified for water and dust resistance. The frame is also scratch and impact resistant. The design is sturdy and can withstand extreme temperatures. It is also corrosion resistant.

The X80 Pro is inspired by professional cameras. The design includes a square and circular aesthetic that forms the lens and the base. This is to remind users of the professional photography capabilities of the X series. The X80 Pro will be available in Cosmic Black.

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