Chiller, NFT, go, embarrassment… What are the new words coming into the Petit Robert dictionary?

Génance (feminine, informal noun): feeling of shame, of discomfort experienced in an embarrassing situation.

Chiller (verb): Have fun doing nothing.

Go (feminine, informal noun): young girl, young woman or girlfriend.

Here are some examples of words that will be included in the 2023 edition of the Petit Robert dictionary. We will also find the pronoun “iel”, which, even if it has caused controversy, sees its use in strong growth.

The words “woke” and “wokism” also align with Le Petit Robert, defining “stream of thought of American origin that denounces injustice and discrimination”. And to clarify that these words are often used in a pejorative way.

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In the 2023 edition we also find the word “grazer”, a scammer who traps his victims on the internet, often from abroad; the word “NFT”, a digital file to which a digital certificate of authenticity is attached; or the word “ecoanxiety”, which has the synonym solastalgia, which refers to the suffering caused by past, present or anticipated changes in the environment, in particular with regard to the destruction of ecosystems and biodiversity, and by extension global warming soil.

As BFMTV points out, the other reference dictionary in France, Larousse, also announced in May the integration of “NFT” or even “wokisme” in its 2023 edition. The addition of the pronoun “iel” didn’t seem off the agenda, didn’t it. used enough according to Bernard Cerquiglini, lexicographer at Larousse quoted by the news channel.

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