NFTs fill the PlayStation? How SONY is preparing for the future

Will PlayStation get NFT soon? The question is worth asking Sony Interactive, which recently issued a patent to “unique and in the game using tokens on a distributed ledger”.

NFT and Playstation: the highlight of an academic year

Despite the many voices raised against the use of NFTs in video games, Sony seems determined to enter blockchain gaming through the front door. After more than a year of additions and modifications, Sony Interactive has just published a patent regarding what closely resembles an NFT ecosystem adapted for the video game world.

The first sentence in the patent abstract leaves little room for doubt:

“Aspects of this technology include systems and methods for creating, modifying, tracking, authenticating and/or transferring unique digital assets associated with a video game. »

Sony therefore wants to use a blockchain to track the various assets that make up a video game.

Which blockchain? Nothing is specified in the publication, but the documents already give a fairly complete picture of the direction the project will take.

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An environment that combines centralization and blockchain

This publication outlines the architecture of an environment where cloud and blockchain coexist. On the one hand, the various media hosted on servers and on the other hand, the on-chain recording of asset activity. Sony explains:

“In traditional video games, there is no way to distinguish a specific instance of an in-game item that a famous player used to win a tournament from another instance of the in-game item.”

NFTs allow developers to add technical functionality that currently seems to be missing not only from Sony, but across the entire gaming industry.

In addition to being able to better track the movement of digital assets, Sony wants to take advantage of the possibility of NFTs being exchanged in a peer-to-peer manner. Between the diagrams explaining the different technical concepts, a marketplace with different possibilities is provided for different types of assets, such as a world, a factory, equipment or consumables.

Sony’s Web3 experiences

With this patent application, Sony signs a third initiative in the world of NFTs and more generally of “web3”. In May 2022, the company announced a partnership with Theta Labs for 3D VR sculptures. In September it was a patent application for NFT verified music.

Today, the universe in question is that of video games. A patent application is made to protect an idea in the first place, not necessarily to make the idea a reality afterwards. But when an idea is drawn so precisely and for a year and a half, the sequence of events promises to be interesting to follow!

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