Sorare is launching a special competition for the 2022 World Cup – what is there to win?

The fantasy football game Sorare is hosting a special competition for the 2022 World Cup. By building your team, you can win a multitude of rewards, including cryptocurrencies and a meeting with Zinedine Zidane.

Sorare the football game with trading cards

Sorare is the standard fantasy football game which allows you to build your team by collecting footballer cards in NFT format. Your results depend on the performance of players in the real world.

The French company Sorare develops the blockchain game of the same name that uses the principles of Mon Petit Gazon and Panini cards, with the difference that you actually own your cards.

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Play and collect cards in NFT format

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How to participate in this new contest?

To take part in the competition, you must build your squad from players selected for the 2022 World Cup.

You have 100 points and you have to select 8 players. The greatest players (Neymar, Messi) get a rating of 23, the least rated players get 5 points. The average is around 12 points.

5 players from the 8 selected players will be used to build your team. This team can be completed with a new 4-player roster (worth 50 points) after the pools and then at every round of direct elimination except the final.

sorare dial team world cup 2022

You must line up 5 players:

  • Guardian;
  • defender;
  • Surroundings ;
  • Attacker;
  • Extra (any player).

The player selected as captain will receive a 20% bonus on their match score. It is therefore necessary to select a player who will perform well in his next match.

This workforce allows you to collect points and rank against other players based on the performance of your soccer players.

team sorare games week cdm 2022

The group stage consists of 3 days and then one day for each knockout round.

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Play and collect cards in NFT format

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What can you win?

At the end of each game, rewards can be earned based on your team’s performance. Each player gets a score based on his performance after his match. The data comes from statistics provider OPTA, which keeps track of 48 statistics.

Each day, 5 in total, the rewards are as follows:

  • 6 ETH to reward the top 3 of each day;
  • 100,000 collectible, tradeable national team player cards;
  • 5,000 “Classic” game cards of “Limited” rarity;
  • 100% of the participants receive special non-refundable community cards;

And here are the rewards for the entire competition:

  • 17 ETH is distributed among the top 10;
  • Met Zinedine Zidane for the Top 5;
  • VIP match tickets for seats 6 to 10;
  • Signed football shirts for places 11 to 100.

Play and collect cards in NFT format

Bought 1 free ticket for 5 with our link

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