Will NFT conquer TV streaming providers soon?

Streaming content providers offer subscription packages for all wallets. This is the case for streaming TV and film, series and documentary platforms.

It is clear that the subscriptions in the end only offer a bunch of programs that are only half watched. This fact encourages mass unsubscription.

In spite of everything, an unsubscribe calls for a subscription and the vicious circle continues. At the core of this dilemma, the NFT sector of the web3 can provide a profitable solution at all levels.

The subscription problem

The concept of the subscription is sensible but encourages excessive consumption. You subscribe to a formula and receive a bouquet of programs or content that you only consume for 25%.

At best, we find an interest of 75% of the bouquet if there are several of us to take advantage of the subscription. However, if we decide to take out a cheaper subscription, we will no longer find the content that really interests us in the subscribed package.

Over time, we get tired of subscriptions and throw in the towel, we unsubscribe.

NFT, a solution

The problem of subscription can find a solution in the concept of membership. At least that’s what the NFT sector offers consumers of streaming content.

In practice, it is about creating a niche for a content genre. Each niche can then be accessed via an NFT membership card. For example, a thriller NFT gives access to series of the type Stranger thingsand a superhero NFT opens the door to movies and series Miracle.

The consumer therefore knows exactly where he is going and what he is going to see. It will be more beneficial both in time and financially.

The benefits of the NFT membership concept

Subscribing to streaming content via NFT makes it possible distribute the income fairly. Creators, rights and intellectual property holders, platforms and other actors in content production are each entitled to their share.

Then consumers can specifically choose the content that interests them. They no longer have to pay for content they don’t consume.

The NFT is a digital object and can be legally sold as an object. If the consumer is no longer interested in his membership, he can sell his NFT.

Moreover, this membership concept is cheaper than that of a subscription. Consumers are winners at all levels and suppliers are no less advantaged.

Better focused

This concept of membership through NFT allows streaming content providers to improve their targeting. At this level, they will use the algorithms to shuffle the data and highlight the most requested content.

It’s easy to join streaming content through NFT. The profits to be made are also obvious. Streaming platforms should delve into this area to revive their services.


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