a virtual hackathon featuring Web3 solutions for a more decentralized future

The hackathon organized by the startup took place from 23 to 28 November To start on the theme of “building a decentralized future”. Starton is a web3 development suite that allows developers to integrate blockchain into a product with just a few lines of code.

The blockchain is this database that is updated in real time by all users of the network, that works without a central control body and that allows information to be exchanged in a
secure, trustworthy and immutable. “Blockchain is at the heart of our hyper-digitized world. With Starton, we want to change the boring image it suffers from! Our desire is to allow companies to take full advantage of its benefits in a very simple way. The technology has been proven to be a ​“to be a real asset for those who use it wisely and we are also convinced that it will change the world as we know it, a bit like the internet in its day,” said Fabien Poggi, CEO of Starton.

When we define web3 as the new version of the internet, an ecosystem consisting in particular of NFT (identifiable and unique digital file, stored on the blockchain) and where we find the importance of the notions of disintermediationblockchain based technologies and above all a philosophy of decentralization and from communities.

A contest with $10,000 at stake

On the occasion of this hackathon, RTL is joining forces with Starton on themes in order to link information and blockchain topics as accessible as possible to everyone. The event, open to developers around the worldtook place on Gather, software that combines video conferencing and motion in a 2D metaverse.

The teams, consisting of 1 to 6 people, had until November 18 to register. Between 21 and 24 November they developed a project on the theme “building a decentralized future”. At the end of these four days, fifteen teams were selected by the jury to participate in the final, which took place on Monday 28 November. The winning team gets the equivalent of $10,000 in cryptocurrency.

Of these projects, three address issues facing the media ecosystem that can be solved through Web3 technologies.

The DeFacts project is a solution that ensures that the
veracity of information fully decentralized by offering to go through the blockchain and trusting paid people to validate information. As if calling in a detective, a person can search through this decentralized database for an expert who can verify and confirm the information. A solution against disinformation in the context of increasingly complex searches on certain information topics.

We also maintain the Papertrust project, a community in which each contributor is rated for their trustworthiness by the rest of the community through a CAD -that is, the rules within this group are automated and registered in some way immutable and
transparent in a blockchain. Enough to improve the traceability of decision making.

The StaIV team put themselves forward decentralized magazine, “Le Monde 3.0”, which works without intermediaries between the journalist and the reader. The data would not be stored with a single company, but through distributed storage. The reader pays the journalist directly to access the desired article. The journalist will thus be able to offer articles directly to his base without necessarily going through a platform or a press title.

With this Hackathon, Starton’s goal is to get everyone started in Web3… and why not? offer solutions to the problems of our time! Projects will therefore follow pending the name of the winning team!

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