Discover Web3 (cryptocurrencies, NFT, metaverse, etc.) in Paris with Crypto Class

If you are interested in crypto assets, metaverse, NFTs and you are in the Paris region, the January 17, 2023we can only encourage you to attend Crypto class Parisone of the most anticipated crypto events.

It’s in the Grand Rex room that more than 2,000 curious people and about twenty experts meet to dive into the fascinating and now essential world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and Web3.

Decomplex cryptos

Anyone who is already evolving within the cryptosphere (or who follows the news diligently) knows very well that this universe is still quite complex for the general public who has to deal with a large number of technical terms and innovative concepts. Staking, Delegated Proof of Stake, Mining Pool, DeFi, Cold Storage… the concepts populating this technological “new world” literally being born before our very eyes are legion and can legitimately destabilize the less tech savvy among us.

It is precisely to address this destabilizing or even unpleasant aspect that the organizer of Crypto Class, Emerson heckhad the idea to create this event.

“When I delved into the subject of blockchains, I saw the complexity of this technology, but I also realized that we could go further and wondered how we could make these exciting topics accessible to as many people as possible. That is how Crypto Class was born”.

And what better way to dissect a subject than to call on the greatest specialists of the French scene! Whether giving the keys to understanding how to enter this universe or sharing best practices, Crypto Class participants, companies or individuals will thus have access to the best speakers to support them in putting of their first steps in Web3.

The different Crypto Class speakers

Among the major players in the crypto sector that will be present at the event, we can mention Nicholas Louvet, Caroline Jurado, John Karp or Thibaut Bourou. Find the full list of speakers and links to their LinkedIn profile in the “Speakers” section.

“Crypto Class will be a summary of these phenomena, accessible to all, with the greatest French experts, Coinhouse, NFT Factory, Exclusive, Just Mining… to talk about them as accurately as possiblespecifies the organizer. We will address beginners, our goal is to remain accessible, by taking a tour of topics that may be implicit, such as taxation with ORWL Avocats, DCA with Caroline Jurado, mining with Mr. TK…”.

Among the themes selected by the organizers:

  • Understand & invest: everything about crypto assets;
  • NFT, Metaverse, WEB 3: What is it?
  • Taxes and cryptocurrency: what you need to know.

Three universes… coming together

Crypto Class will revolve around three major themes, namely crypto assets, metaverse and NFTs. To the uninitiated, these three universes may seem very far away. In fact, they are very close to each other, as Emerson Heck points out: “We often hear the question, ‘what is the metaverse? what is an NFT? how to buy crypto? “But the three are definitely connected. One can combine NFTs in the metaverse with cryptocurrency. It is essential to understand how these technologies are connected and we will talk about that at Crypto Class”.

Three experienced mediators

Three mediators are given the arduous task of ensuring that the debates remain fluid and that the comments of the various panelists remain understandable to the general public. They are Laurent Bainierthe editor of 20 Minutes and the two founders of the crypto newsletter The Big Whale Gregory Raymond and Rafael Bloch who will take up this challenge.

The three mediators of the crypto class

Don’t miss the target

If the Internet seems obvious to us today, we should not forget that it was not so when we were in the infancy of the global network, at the end of the 90s. Like all revolutions, the advent of the Web and its many applications divided the experts of the time and aroused fear, especially in those who did not fully understand its workings and therefore were unable to measure its full potential.

The same is happening today with cryptocurrencies, the metaverse and NFTs. Before giving an informed opinion, it is important to understand things properly and learn the basics. This is exactly what Crypto Class is trying to do. So not to miss the boat, as some did with the internet 20 years ago, you know what to do…

To get your ticket now, follow this link. Please note that payment options also include cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, and USDT.

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