RingRing! Take advantage of free NFTs on Pianity

Pianity offers NFT Bounty to web3 music lovers. The Bounty NFT opens up opportunities for makers, sales platforms and buyers. For a startup like Pianity, using Bounty NFTs is a good business strategy. Those who are already familiar with the medium know the possibilities of a Bounty NFT.

If you’re not one of these, you’ll quickly understand what’s at stake from Bounty NFTs in this short web3 focused on Musical NFTs. As a reminder or information, the NFT is a non-fungible token, a virtual object associated with a numerical value. It can be an image, a gif, a video or a piece of music, as in the case of Pianity’s NFT.

Why rush with the Bounty NFT?

Bounty NFTs are free. They are offered, earned or claimed. Creators are free to decide how to distribute them.

Wrongly one might believe that an NFT freenot worth the investment. This belief is wrong. For example, cryptopunks were Bounty NFTs to begin with and yet they are one of the highest-rated NFTs on the exchange today.

Bounty NFTs do indeed increase in value once they reach a certain notoriety. In the case of Bounty NFT Mutek Mx available on Pianity, maturation can take several months. The rarity of these NFTs plays a role in their valuation.

The Bounty NFT Mutek Mx Pianity

Pianity was one of the partners of the Mutek electronic music event that took place in Mexico City in November. The startup announced the launch of Bounty NFT Mutek Mx at the event.

Here’s what you need to know about these bounties you can find in the Pianity app:

  • There are a total of 6 Bounty NFTs on the platform.
  • These NFTs were created thanks to the collaboration between 6 visual creators and 6 musicians.
  • The holder of a Bounty NFT Pianity can access Mutek’s Club for free via the Pianity app on Google Play and App Store.

The QR codes to access these Bounties were available during the festival. Although we can no longer be the first buyer at this time, it remains interesting to follow the evolution of these NFTs.

How does a Bounty NFT gain value?

We are interested in Bounty NFTs because they promise an increase in value over time. These NFTs are of particular interest to buyers because of their rarity.

Each Bounty NFT is unique and inherently has a value associated with its creator. The fame of the maker and the popularity of the NFT itself contribute to its increase in value.

In their capacity as launching NFTs, Bounty NFTs automatically become rare over time. The more NFTs are launched in their category, the more value they will gain.

Pianity’s Bounty NFT Mutek Mx is sure to increase in value with the launch of the next NFT Mutek.

The next edition of Mutek will take place in Montreal in 2023. If the partnership with Pianity is maintained, we can expect new surprises.


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