the use of NFT served to circumvent the recording freeze

While Bahamians are given priority when withdrawing money on FTX, some investors outside the archipelago have used NFTs as currency to get around barriers.

NFTs as a workaround for FTX blocks

Difficult situations spur creativity, and the use some investors have made of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on FTX underlines this principle. Although users in the Bahamas have certain facilities to withdraw their funds, NFTs served as currency to unlock other investors located outside the archipelago.

For this people who want to get around the restrictions purchased NFTs from Bahamians for the amount they wanted to withdrawthen the agreed amount can be sent to external wallets.

This ingenious manipulation was particularly noticed by a Twitter user. In total, In this way, 50 million dollars would have been leaked. Also note that even the FTX teams were surprised by this application, if we are to believe their response to this tweet:

Earlier this morning, Coby, the crypto influencer who staged a surreal life three days ago, wondered for the first time at an address that withdraws large amounts of USDT for a value of several million dollars:

Since these surgeries have been revealed, it is no longer possible to work in this way on the site, which displays an information banner on this topic. It should also be noted that such a maneuver required a blind faith on the part of the investors in the third party making the withdrawals.

To withdraw money if you do not live in the Bahamas, there remains the solution of tokens from the Tron ecosystem for now, although this is very imperfect and requires a financial sacrifice.

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