Marie Claire magazine launches NFTs to celebrate its 85th birthday

Women’s magazine Marie Claire is launching non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to celebrate its 85th anniversary. On this occasion, 85 NFTs will be available for auction until the end of December and will fund various associations committed to the defense of strong values ​​such as ecology or the fight for women’s rights.

Marie Claire deals with NFTs

To celebrate his 85th birthday, the French monthly magazine for women Mary Claire saw the big picture and took the first step to Web3 by using non-fungible tokens (NFT)..

For example, Marie Claire offers 85 exceptional lots in the form of NFT available at auction to thank her 1.3 million readers. while being able to actively support various associations with strong values.

20 of these NFTs with unique features have already been auctioned on a platform specially created for the occasion that provides an overview of the different experiences on offer as an interactive digital gallery.

Gallery preview of NFT Marie Claire

These NFTs, available at a fixed price or at auction from 100 euros, promise to deliver unforgettable experiencesRemarkable :

  • An invitation to the next Marine Serre fashion show during Paris Fashion Week;
  • A private tour of Chateau de la Colle Noir by Dior with a crop of the estate’s signature rose;
  • An exceptional dinner in the company of the renowned multi-star Monegasque chef Alan Ducasse ;
  • A private visit to the workshop of Mathias Kiss in his company;
  • A one-on-one meeting with the Danish supermodel Helen Kristensen ;
  • A luxurious stay Monastery of Pozzo overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea;
  • And many others.

As for the distribution of NFTs, the lucky buyers of these lots will receive a Change Maker Platform certificate representing a limited edition digital artwork. In addition, they will receive an email with all the necessary information to create a wallet to recover their NFT.

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A commitment to a better world

These auctions allow readers of Marie Claire to treat themselves to an unforgettable experience while actively supporting charities. Indeed, all funds raised through this unique offer will be donated to the following 3 associations :

  • The Women’s Foundationwho is committed to women’s rights and violence against them;
  • Come to my Tafan association that is committed to the reintegration of children who do not go to school;
  • No more plastic foundationan NGO that is committed to a world without plastic pollution.

Katell Pauliquenthe editor-in-chief of Marie Claire, underlined the importance of this first step in Web3 for the emblematic women’s magazine:

“Marie Claire is very proud to be the first magazine in the world to sell NFTs exclusively for charity and to put the most advanced technology at the service of causes that are dear to us: women’s rights, education and ecology. I want to thank all the partners and brands that have supported us in carrying out this innovative project. »

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Source: Marie Claire

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