Opera – Make NFTs “easy and free”

While the market for NFTs visit from bottom prices under the floor, developments related to the ecosystem are increasing. As the opponents will have to admit, this sector linked to blockchain and cryptocurrencies will not eventually disappear. And the interest it arouses among actors and companies of the web and the current economy continues to be confirmed. Last example, the browser Opera which announces the integration of a creation option (mint) of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

For a while, the number of Web2 players entering the cryptocurrency space continues to grow. So much so that it gives the impression that the Apple company’s defiance – with unfair taxation – seems like a kind of swan song.

Because it becomes almost impossible to ignore this decentralized digital economy and its many derivative functionalities such as DeFi, metaverse or in this case non-fungible tokens. NFTs that the Opera browser just integrated into the available options. This is to enable the users, even beginners, to make them easy.

NFT Tokens

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Opera – Easily create NFTs

Before starting this article, it seems important to remember that the Opera browser is not necessarily the most respectful when it comes to its users’ private data. However, he just revealed it the official launch of an NFT creation option integrated into the dashboard. The latter is scheduled for January 2023. With a simplified “drag and drop” formula accessible to everyone in just a few clicks. Anyway, this explains Susie Battchief of crypto development at Opera, in the available press release on this subject.

Now our users can instantly and easily create NFTs with no platform usage fees, which will encourage more people to explore this thriving industry.. »

Susie Batt

A launch that is part of it an obvious opening dynamic from the Opera browser to the cryptocurrency sector. With the implementation of a crypto browser last January. And since last month an application dedicated to real-time analysis of the NFT market corresponding to the codename DegenKnows. All this in order to try to maintain its place in the ranking of the 5 most popular browsers at the moment.

NFT Tokens

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Opera – Greater adoption of Web3

This tool dedicated to creating NFTs should therefore allow greater acceptance of this Web3 cooked in all sauces to indigestion. All with the cooperation of the cloud company Alteon, presented as a specialist in simplifying procedures. Because, as one of the founders explains, Matt Cigliathe aim is to “level the playing field”.

Our partnership with Opera bridges the technology gap between traditional creatives and Web3’s creative economy, so everyone can take advantage of the opportunities that blockchain technology offers.. »

Matt Ciglia

It remains to be seen what it will give in practice, from the beginning of next year. And whether the artists will actually be there to take advantage of this simplification which still needs some clarification. If only on the effective way of creating, the possible rights of Opera and the compatibility with networks such as Ethereum or platforms such as Opensea. A case to follow…

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