A very exciting October for DappRadar

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“Hello November”! Last Thursday, DappRadar published a report highlighting encouraging numbers for the month of October. These stats relate to separate wallets for dApps, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, etc. DappRadar also announced that the month that marked the beginning of the Russian Revolution (1917) was very eventful for the company.

NFTs are still relevant

Overview of the DappRadar report

The image above gives us an overview of the different points that DappRadar has focused on. Cointelegraph, on the other hand, focused on statistics related to NFTs. According to the trade press, there was an 18% increase in unique NFT traders in October to 1.11 million. Proof that the market is still dynamic despite a 30% drop in transaction and sales volumes.

The increase in the number of unique traders indicates that new people are entering the NFT market, and they are still in high demand “, we specify in the report.

Number of monthly unique NFT traders

The crypto market resists hackers

Still inspired by this report, CryptoNews highlighted the uptick in the cryptocurrency sector. According to DappRadar, the crypto market cap passed $1 trillion in October.

Compared to September, the number of unique active wallets (UAWs) increased by 6.84%, to an average of 2.01 million per day in October. What evokes good resistance to the broader economic slowdown.

October was also bloody for crypto investors. There was actually a loss of about $1.09 billion associated with hacks. About $766 million of this astronomical amount falls into the hands of Francisco Valdevino da Silva (aka Bitconi Sheikh).

DappRadar and its “exciting” October

October DappRadar report

October was an exciting month for DappRadar and our users!

We had great performance and many product updates. We continue to build and deliver the best products, experiences and services for our users.

Summary of the month of October. »

In the comments accompanying this tweet, DappRadar stated, among other things:

  • the progress of the API, currently in beta;
  • integrations made with GameStop, Redditavatars, Arbitrum, Brave…;
  • the 3 DAO proposals from DappRadar;
  • the 4 events organized by the company (Market Movers AMA, Halloween AMA, live game streaming with Bezoge);
  • Halloween Hung, which was attended by 1,600;
  • DappRaddar mentions in popular media such as Forbes, Cointelegraph, Coindesk…;
  • hiring, internal learning sessions and setting up virtual offices through Kumospace;
  • the addition of 356 dApps in DappRadar;
  • producing reports (Behavior Report, Q3 Industry Report, etc.).

Based on the performances released in the month of October, DappRadar even predicted a continuation of the running of the bulls. A bit daring as a statement? In any case, the figures put forward on cryptocurrencies and NFTs seem convincing.

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