How to Buy NFTs on the Marketplace?

Since March 2021, the platform has launched its own platform for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with the ambition to provide the best possible user experience. Complete NFT Marketplace Tutorial: How to Buy, Sell and Collect NFTs.

What is

In a few words, is one of the most important exchanges centralized of cryptocurrencies in the world. Founded in 2016, it offers purchase, custody and staking services on over 150 crypto assets and has a flagship offering, which is the Visa crypto card.

With a presence in nearly 100 countries around the world, and a community of more than 70 million users, has become a fixture in the cryptocurrency industry landscape. Main competitor of Binance, FTX or Coinbase, the platform is distinguished by large-scale partnerships.

Continuing its phenomenal expansion, recently obtained Digital Asset Service Providers (PSAN) registration issued by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) in France. It is an essential intermediate step the compliance process of the company in Europe.

Of the many centralized exchanges in the market, was the first to provide a marketplace of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)..’s ambition is simple: to establish itself as the flagship platform for NFTs. This is what the company focuses on easy to use and ergonomics of its interface. In fact, to reach as many beginners as possible, has chosen to offer the option to buy NFTs with a credit card.

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You have different ways to buy an NFT on Crypto.combut the easiest way is to succeed through the secondary market.

To access it, go to the “Marketplace” tab. Browse the many available collections at your leisure and once an NFT appeals to you, all you have to do is do it click on it to view it.

The marketplace offers a plethora of information about this NFT, namely the number of people who have seen and liked it, the blockchain it is based on, the creator and associated collection, as well as the price. There are two purchase options. This is possible, depending on the choice of the seller create an auction Where buy directly.

In case of direct purchase, just click the “Buy” button. to proceed with the transaction. In addition, if the advertised price does not suit you, you have the option to offer a new price by selecting “Make an offer”.

In the case of an auction, click on “Place a bid” and choose the amount you want to invest. This should logically be larger than that of the previous auction. Don’t panic, if someone invests more than you, your money will be returned to your wallet.

The NFT marketplace

To access the NFT Marketplace, you first need register on the platform. Before, download the app in the App Store or the Google Store, depending on your mobile. Here is a link that allows you to access it directly and also offers it $25 on your first deposit:

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Once on the application, click “Sign Up” and enter your email address. You will receive a confirmation link at this address, which you must click to continue. Now type your phone number and click Send verification code “. Enter the verification code you received by message.

Then you just have to go through the step of verification of your identity (KYC), essential for any platform with the PSAN record. Provide your personal information (last name, first name, ID and selfie) and then wait for the verification to happen on’s side. You will be informed by e-mail within a few hours.

How to access the NFT Marketplace?

To get to the NFTs platform you need to open your application, then scroll through the main menu and finally click on the “NFTs” shown below:

NFT button

During your first connection you have to create an account exclusively dedicated to the NFT platform. A wallet will be created in your name and that is possible credit it with money from the home page to make purchases.

From there you will see three different categories : “Drops”, “Collections” and “Marketplace”. In the “Drops” tab you can view the following collections of NFTs ready to be launched. Clicking on one of them will give you access complete information on the launch date, the makers and of course the price of the coin.

In the “Collections” box you will find a complete table of trending NFT collections. It will be possible to sort by floor price and by sales volume, and this over different time periods (daily, weekly or monthly). This function is widely used to estimate current market trends.

Finally, the “Marketplace” tab gives you an overview of the last listed NFTs on the marketplace. You must click on this to discover the various works for sale, access your profile and also sell your own NFTs.

Discover the NFTs of the biggest brands

Buy, sell or trade NFTs

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How to store NFTs on

If you want buy an NFT on the platform, you have the opportunity to participate in the launch of a project does his coin. In the “Drops” tab you can access all the collections that are about to be launched.

By clicking on one of them, will show it to you all important information about the project, namely the links to social networks and the website, a description, the step-by-step plan and sometimes even videos of presentations of the designs. A counter shows you the time left until the official start of the coin period.

Once the coin is open, all you have to do is click the “Mint” button. and validate the transaction. From there, the NFT is stored in your wallet and instantly visible in the app.

How do I place an NFT on

To list your NFT on the Marketplace, you need to click the button that corresponds to your profile, at the top right of your screen. Then by clicking on “My Profile” you will be able to access all the NFTs you own on Tap the one you want to sell then on “Sell”as shown in the image below:

sell nft crypto com

As mentioned above, you get access to two methods of selling your NFT. In the “Fixed price” tab, you can set a fixed selling price, while “Auction” is the auction. This second option requires you to enter a minimum selling price and an auction expiration date.

sell nft cryptocom

Our take on the NFT marketplace :


How to register on

Registration on is very easy. Just download the mobile app on your smartphone. After that, you just need to enter your email address, define a secure password, validate your first connection to your mailbox, verify your phone number and validate your identity. Finally, you just need to define a PIN code to access the application.

How do I sign up for NFT?

What are the fees on NFT? applies a 1.99% fee to all transactions made on its platform. This is a common usage, found in other marketplaces like OpenSea or Rarible.

Where are my NFTs stored?

Native NFTs are stored on the Chain network. However, the marketplace is compatible with certain collections of the Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Cronos blockchains. Visit their website to learn more about them.

Discover the NFTs of the biggest brands

Buy, sell or trade NFTs

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