NFT Animoon: influencers involved in scams – French justice seized

Trustworthiness of influencers questioned – On January 23, the collective AVI archived two complaints with the Paris prosecutor’s office. The Collectif d’Aide aux Victimes d’Influenceurs (AVI) has taken legal action on behalf of more than 80 plaintiffs in two cases that have been in the media for several months. NFTcopy trade, social networks and influencers are at the heart of a double lawsuit that should mark a milestone and from which the victims expect a lot. Here are the facts.

Filed a complaint against X in the Animoon NFT case…

Collective AVI is an association founded in 2022 that aims to help people victims of influencers. Supported by the law firm Ziegler & Associatesspecialized in banking, IT and digital law, brings the association together 80 plaintiffs who have therefore just submitted two complaints in court for organized fraud and breach of trust.

The first complaint against X concerns the NFT platform Anime. According to the collective, this project has managed to bring together and gather nearly 5,000 people 6.3 million of dollars. But five months after the end of the sale of these NFTs, not a single investor has touched what was promised: neither the 2,500 monthly dollars for life, nor the luxury clothes or the trips to Japan, nor the Pokémon cards. But it turns out that Animoon has been there many times recommended by some influencers. Some of them are also involved in a second case.

Collective AVI announces press conference and files complaint – Source: Twitter

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… and another one about the “Blatagang »

Justice will also investigate a case related to the same protagonists. It is about Marc Singaine Tevanin and Nadira Brik Chaouchea reality TV couple and more than 7 million together followers on Instagram. These two people, better known as Marking and Nade Blata, would therefore have actively advised their followers to invest in Animoon. They are also involved in a copy-trading case.

Called on a Telegram group “blatant gang”Marc Blata would have encouraged his audience to invest in one trading app who copied the movements of sophisticated traders. Potential clients would deposit funds into a partner platform that would deploy the funds on the FOREX derivatives market (the foreign exchange market). To date, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers considers that these products are included between 70 and 80% loss.

You can find all the details of this affair in the major national media, which to this day carry several testimonials from victims. Collective AVI is pleased to say what he calls “influence thieves” in light of their legal responsibilities and hope the court will open an investigation. Of course, all the people named in this case are presumed innocent pending a court decision.

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