Imagine the Future and Harness the Power of Computing with GIGABYTE at COMPUTEX 2022

TAIPEI, May 20, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GIGABYTE, the global leader in computing technology, will introduce “Power of Computing” as the theme of the year and showcase its key products and solutions designed for various industries and fields at the upcoming Taipei COMPUTEX. This press release includes multimedia. See the full press release here: Imagine the Future … Read more

Guarapari teachers charge for the delivery of computers by the town hall

Teachers who work in the municipal network of Guarapari want to know when they will receive the notebooks promised by the administration of Mayor Edson Magalhães (PSDB). The city government issued a bid worth 10 million reais for the purchase of equipment last year, but has yet to make the purchases. The tender was published … Read more

The CNJ will carry out an inspection in the administrative and judicial sectors of the Court of Justice of Paraíba between June 6 and 8, under the terms of Order No. 39/2022

ORDER N. 39, OF MAY 3, 2022. Determines the execution of the inspection to verify the functioning of the administrative and judicial sectors of the Court of Justice and the extrajudicial services of the State of Paraíba. THE CORREGEDORA OF NATIONAL JUSTICE, in the exercise of its legal and regimental attributions, CONSIDERING the assignment to … Read more

How To Choose A Programming Language To Learn | Technology

Brazilians are more interested in programming languages ​​and jobs available in this market, according to a survey by Google. The overheating of the information technology market, the so-called IT, pushed searches for “developer” and “programmer” up more than 20% compared to the last 12 months with the previous period. Programming is used to develop and … Read more

Lightweight and compact: Samsung’s premium laptop range starts at R$4,000

Samsung Style S S51 Laptop. Credit: Disclosure This Tuesday (16), Samsung presented three new laptops in the Brazilian market of the brand’s line of light, elegant and expensive laptops. Like the Galaxy S range, which refers to high-end mobile phones, the laptop range also has a similar nomenclature: Style S. The models are, in order … Read more

The key to building smart city infrastructure: trust

Additionally, right-edge infrastructure is one of the first steps towards achieving the level of computing power and low latency that smart cities demand. by Gustavo Perez The term “new normal” has been used frequently in post-pandemic parlance. What does he mean when we talk about infrastructure? We could summarize this concept in several elements: interactive … Read more

OAB/MS President Creates Caravan to Meet State Law Requirements

President Bitto Pereira in an interview with the Feitosa Communication Group – (Photo: Archive) President of the first mandate, Bitto Pereira aims to command the Sectional of the OAB of Mato Grosso do Sul in a direction very close to the class. One of the most important projects for him is the Caravan of Prerogatives, … Read more