IBMS Dribbling Hunger project teaches entrepreneurship in Heliópolis

Photo: Advertising/DINO The Driblando a Fome project, from IBMS- Instituto Brasil + Social, carried out a pilot course on entrepreneurship in the Nova Cidade Heliópolis community, the largest community in the city of São Paulo with 200,000 inhabitants. The idea was to enter the community to teach people who want to be entrepreneurs. Students from … Read more

The multinational Shell has 1200 vacancies with and without higher education requirements. See how to apply and locations

Shell is one of the largest fuel producers in the world – Canva The multinational Shell has opportunities in its service and fuel stations across Brazil. Not to mention that there are vacancies for computer science and marketing graduates. Shell, a multinational fuel company, has job vacancies in various fields focusing on gas stations and … Read more

Curriculum today VS then: what has changed and what are companies looking for today? | + Employment

It’s important to fully understand the job you’re applying for and prepare your CV to highlight your characteristics that best apply to it. Image: freepik Even in an increasingly digital world of work, the CV remains an important tool for landing a job. However, adapting it to business requirements can generate anxiety among candidates. Currently, … Read more

Porto Alegre leads the concentration of formal jobs in the creative economy among the country’s capitals

Porto Alegre is the capital with the highest proportion of formal jobs linked to the creative economy in the country. The 100,685 jobs in the culture, creativity, knowledge and innovation sectors represent 11.9% of the city’s total formal jobs, a percentage that puts the capital of Rio Grande do Sul ahead of Florianópolis (11.7%), São … Read more

Interest rate panic. It’s not “the motherfuckers of the markets”, it’s us

ANALYSIS Interest rates on sovereign debt soared this week, prompting urgent meetings at the ECB and rekindling the trauma in Portugal. Pedro Santos Guerreiro’s analysis And suddenly, the ECB woke up panicked for fear of a sovereign debt crisis in Europe. It is with the same suddenness that the interest rates of the bonds of … Read more

How to Train for a Job Interview in English with Interview Warmup | Productivity

Job interview training in English is easier with Interview Warmup, Google’s online tool. The platform allows the user to answer questions as if it were a real interview and identify ways to improve the answers, maximizing the chances of being hired. Interview Warmup uses machine learning to inform the candidate of terms and topics that … Read more

Vacancies for operators, technicians, assistants, developers, among others, are offered by Positivo Tecnologia in Curitiba this 14

Image by Innova Labs / Source: Pixabay Positivo Tecnologia, present in education and information technology, offers secondary and higher level job offers in Curitiba Positivo Tecnologia, part of Grupo Positivo, is offering several job and internship offers this June 14. Currently, the company, which has in its portfolio computers, mobile phones, servers, tablets, accessories, among … Read more

Russia’s Asian reorientation – Observer

You have free access to all the articles of the Observer by being our subscriber. The aggression against Ukraine and the resulting boycotts and sanctions are already isolating the Russian economy from the West and forcing Russia to seek new horizons. This was clarified by the Putin’s call for redirect Russian energy exports to emerging … Read more