Véronique Bonenfant’s TFSA: she perseveres and draws

Véronique Bonenfant says she had a rather atypical investing career, like many things in her personal and professional life. (Photo: Courtesy) SPOTLIGHT ON MY TFSA is a section where individual investors share their good and bad investment moves with us as they subject their portfolio to a professional’s analysis. (Illustration: Camille Charbonneau) Age : 41 … Read more

International experience for everyone

Aiming to realize inclusive mobility at the Université de Montréal, this program will facilitate access to international experience for First Peoples undergraduate students, with disabilities or insecurity. Towards inclusive mobility, scholarships will be made available to members of these target groups that will enable them to study abroad from winter 2023. The various services involved … Read more

The 2nd part of the Phase II clinical trial of DNV3837 in Clostridioides difficile infections will be expanded to Canada

The 2e part of the Phase II clinical trial of DNV3837 in infections with Clostridioidifficult will be expanded to Canada The extension of the clinical trial in Canada will add 5 new sites to those already operating in the United States and accelerate recruitment of the 2.e part of the test dr. Thomas Louie, Professor … Read more

The Passport to My Success program makes its North Shore debut

According to the organization, up to 120 students from Jean-du-Nord, Manikoutai and Queen Elizabeth secondary schools could participate once the next school year starts. Stakeholders of the committee Success Achievement PerseveranceTICK north coast will play a supporting role with young people who need personal support from the 1d up to the 5and secondary, so that … Read more