Why do Southeast Asian students prefer the UK and US over Europe?

(Photo: Brock University) por most Southeast Asian students, the dream is to study at a British or American university. Japanese colleges are also gaining popularity in the region. But the European institutions are lagging behind. For many young Asians, the opportunity to study at a university in continental Europe never really stands out. Last month, … Read more

Pixium Vision has confidence in pivotal PRIMAvera study schedule after UK’s first patient implant

Pixium Vision SA, a bioelectronics company developing innovative bionic vision systems to enable patients with vision loss to live more independently, today announces the successful completion of the UK’s first patient implant as part of the pivotal PRIMAvera dry form study of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).This implementation follows the approval of the PRIMAvera trial by … Read more

Faced with climate change, rich countries appealed to the poorest – 06/15/2022 at 16:25

A villager walks into a dry pond in the village of Bandai, West India’s Pali district on May 11, 2022 ( AFP / Prakash SINGH ) Drought, crop losses, rising water levels… Climate change is already causing death and destruction in poor countries, and the call for rich countries is growing to help them financially … Read more

The English bulldog suffers from the mouth that makes his success – 06/15/2022 at 04:05

An English bulldog shown in February 2018 at the Westminster Kennel Club, a dog show that takes place every year in New York (AFP/TIMOTHY A. CLARY) With its flattened face and short-legged profile, the English bulldog is a favorite of purebred dog enthusiasts, but the cause of this success comes at the cost of an … Read more

Biodiversity: when license plates bear witness to the decline of insects

One application, a template on your license plate, and you’re a “citizen scientist”, ready to contribute to an insect decline research. In the UK, two conservation groups, the Kent Wildlife Trust and Buglife, conducted a survey of flying insect populations by asking volunteer motorists to observe the number of insects on their number plates. † … Read more

Thousands of volunteer motorists in UK confirm collapse of insect populations

lhis estimates follow one another and all point to the same observation: that of a massive and rapid collapse of insect populations in Europe, a possible prelude to an environmental disaster on a scale hard to imagine. The Kent Wildlife Trust and The Invertebrate Conservation Trust (or “Buglife”) released the results of a study on … Read more

NFT play-to-earn games will double the number of users in Spain by 2023

The popularity of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and play-to-earn games is such that the number of users in Spain is expected to double by 2023. their adoption in Spain should eventually surpass that of the United States and Canada.† They currently represent a growth niche for individual tokens, where developers, investors, gamers and the general public … Read more

Orphan socks: when brands come to the rescue of this daily puzzle – 06/04/2022 at 07:00

(Photo credits: Unsplash – Nick Page) Inspired by these mysterious losses that scientists have managed to quantify and explain, they decided to propose solutions. It’s a wanted message that should be plastered on every washing machine in the world. A strange disappearance, worthy of the greatest science fiction scenarios, films or detective novels. However, this … Read more

TotalEnergies, Thales, Atos, Orpea, Hopium, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Tesla…

Chief editor 1749 follow on Because financial information is eaten like pastries, hot and at breakfast, Anthony Bondain gets up early in the morning to serve you the Morning Meeting each morning.He has been a financial journalist and stockbroker for over twenty years, an inimitable columnist and phlegmatic leader. He is editor-in-chief of ZoneBourse. Every … Read more

Bitcoin trading and green building on the menu of these 2 new thematic investments

Despite the current high volatility on Wall Street, new exchange-traded funds (ETFs) continue to hit the market in astonishing numbers. According to Bloomberg, the numbers from the year so far suggest that new ETF launches are on track to surpass last year’s historic boom. Among the newcomers, many thematic funds offer access to emerging investment … Read more