Towards more zoonoses, with the risk of new pandemics – 06/10/2022 at 09:18

The bat is the natural host of the Ebola virus (AFP/Romeo GACAD) Sras, Mers, Ebola, bird flu, Zika, Covid-19, HIV, monkey pox… Favored by our lifestyle, zoonoses, diseases transmitted from animals to humans have multiplied in recent years, raising fears of the rise of new pandemics has increased . “The interface between humans and animals … Read more

70th anniversary of Elizabeth II’s reign: UK prepares for celebration – 05/26/22 at 7:05 PM

Queen Elizabeth II attends the inauguration of the Elizabeth Line underground, on 17 May 2022 in London (POOL / Andrew Matthews) Parade, picnic across the country, concert and royal family on the balcony: next week the UK will celebrate the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth II’s reign, a historic record celebrated in a transition period for … Read more

The value of the day in Paris – EDF rises, nationalization scenario takes shape – 06/09/2022 at 11:56

(AOF) – EDF gains 2.8% to 8.33 euros. In an article published this morning titled “EDF: the contours of the coming revolution”, Les Echos reveals that the electrician’s nationalization project is one of the priority projects of the new government. Jean-Bernard Lévy, the CEO of the public group, has made an appointment with EDF’s various … Read more

The Cac 40 in decline in light of central bank policy tightening, Market News

The Paris Stock Exchange fell back on Tuesday morning as Wall Street slipped its profits Monday night, overtaken by rising bond yields amid lingering uncertainties about inflation. These fears had the effect of dampening the initial momentum generated by the easing of health restrictions in China. At 9.45 am the Bedroom 40 lost 0.44% to … Read more

The values ​​will follow on the Paris stock exchange today – Tuesday, June 7, 2022

(AOF) – Capgemini On June 1, Capgemini acquired Rufus Leonard, a London-based design and brand experience firm. Rufus Leonard’s award-winning abilities in creating category-defining brands through design and technology will enhance the French group’s ‘customer focus’ in the UK. This agency has 70 employees. Its clients include the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and AXA UK. … Read more