Awards – Austrian scholars honored in the United States

Three Austrian researchers working in the United States receive this year’s ASciNA awards. Political scientist Jürgen Braunstein received a prize in the “Junior Principal Investigator” category (EUR 10,000), doctor Sabine Heitzeneder and mathematician Niclas Technau in the “Young Scientist” category (EUR 7,500 each). The prizes are awarded by the Ministry of Education and the association … Read more

ASciNA Award: Austro Scholars in the United States Honored

Each year, the ASciNA prizes reward excellent scientific articles by young Austrian researchers written during their stay in North America and published in renowned journals. The Austrian Science Fund FWF selects the winners each year. The relevance of sovereign wealth funds This year, political scientist Jürgen Braunstein was able to win the “Junior Principal Investigator” … Read more

Several athletes from the Rems-Murr district receive scholarships – Rems-Murr-Sport

The Stuttgart sports region sponsored twelve talents, including three athletes from the Rems-Murr district: wrestler Jello Krahmer (ASV Schorndorf), shot putter Alina Kenzel (VfL Waiblingen) and Nina Ndubuisi (SG Schorndorf). Sportregion Stuttgart supports the “Olympic Base Stuttgart – Team Paris” campaign of the Olympic Base Promotion Company (OSP) Stuttgart. The aim of the campaign is … Read more

Private Elke Winkens: The actress floats with him in love happiness

Elke Winkens has already had a successful career as an actress, entertainer and entertainer. Is it that private with the former ‘Storm of Love’ star? We reveal it in this portrait. Elke Winkens is an integral part of the German film and television landscape. The actress has been inspiring audiences with her versatile acting for … Read more

Werft 4.0​ from Langenfeld offers businesses digital business know-how

June 13, 2022 at 1:14 p.m. Economy in Langenfeld : Digital business know-how in shipyard 4.0 Jan Frederik Kremer, Barbara Amler and Ann-Sophie Amler (from left to right) in the new rooms of Werft 4.0. Photo: Matzerath, Ralph (rm-) Langenfeld Under the motto “Achieve knowledge advantage, competitive advantages and cost savings together”, the Werft 4.0 … Read more

Jack Wagner, star of Melrose Place: His son Harrison died

Jack Wagner, star of “Melrose Place” His son Harrison died as a result Jack and Kristina Wagner with their son Harrison © The son of ‘General Hospital’ stars Jack and Kristina Wagner has died aged 27. Now, the ex-couple are going public with Harrison’s cause of death. It was announced last week that Harrison … Read more

“In nursing, you work piecemeal” – Dachau

Sebastian Böhm experienced the hard daily work of nursing during an internship. Together with a medical student and a computer scientist, also from the Dachau district, he started the “Clapping for Future” project. The objective: to collect 168 million euros to enable nursing trainees to benefit from a grant. SZ: Mr Böhm, how did you … Read more

Hamburg: actress Franziska Schubert is city clerk

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