Bank charges rising

The year 2022 will be a year of inflation: rising costs of energy, raw materials, health insurance, food… Bank costs are not falling away! At least, those put into practice by the agency networks; because on the other hand, online banks are in a downward trend. Bank Fees Rise / iStock-Pixavril Rising banking services Displaced … Read more

Genome-based study also reveals new bird species at high risk of imminent extinction

One of the most controversial questions in evolutionary biology is: how did the Amazon become so species rich? A new study focusing on birds examines how the movements of rivers in the Amazon have contributed to the region’s exceptional biological diversity. The research team, led by the American Museum of Natural History, found that small … Read more

Paris accelerates electric car charging – 04/10/2022 at 12:29

Installation of above and below ground charging points accelerates in Paris (AFP / PHILIPPE HUGUEN) The largest parking garage for electric cars in France is now operational in the heart of Paris, where the installation of above-ground and underground charging points is accelerating, four years after the Autolib’ service outage. Under the church of La … Read more

At the Salon de la Friperie, between the search for unique pieces and an eco-responsible approach – 04/10/2022 at 13:05

A buyer looks at racks of second-hand clothes at the Salon de la Friperie, on April 9, 2022 in the Puces du Canal, in Villeurbanne, near Lyon (AFP / OLIVIER CHASSIGNOLE) “I don’t want to have the same style as my neighbor”: at the Salon de la friperie, taking place this weekend in the Puces … Read more