Incentivi, government ready to sbloccare i fondi: Tornerà l’ecobonus (ma salterà l’extrabonus)

Durerà ancora pochi giorni il block degli incentivi sulle auto elettriche and plug-in a basse emissioni scattato lo scorso 25 August con l’esaurimento dei fondi del cosiddetto ecobonus. The government has inserted in the cosiddetto decree an infrastrutture (fine a qualche giorno fa chiamato “decreto transporti”) una misura che sposta in the ecobonus fund i … Read more

Can games help fight depression?

Photo: GameON Anyone who thinks games only bring a few hours of fun and nothing else is dead wrong. Several studies published around the world have already claimed that games help fight depression, anxiety and other illnesses. According to the publications, the change of direction, the awakening of curiosity for the stories of the characters, … Read more

More than 40 years later, what Abril’s old FP-25s are doing – Observer

“About 15 years have passed since the last crimes committed by members of the organization; the defendants laid down their arms, no longer committed any offences, there was a social pacification, of which everything indicates that they reintegrated socially, here also in terms of work, because many defendants during the hearing asked for his dismissal … Read more

The car per i giovani? Condivisa, electric and if you buy it from the dealer

Che l’auto anche dopo la phase più acuta della pandemic si rimasta protagonist de la mobilità degli italiani is not più una sorpresa. Che costisca la modità più utilizzata anche slab nuove generazioni per gli spostamenti quotidiani non era così scontato. A rivelare il legam semper più stretto tra giovani e quattro ruote è la … Read more

João Costa says public school does a lot and does it well

The Minister of Education, João Costa, considers that it is time to speak about Portuguese schools for their successes and to promote “education for peace”, which has never been more relevant than today. According to him, the public school does a lot and does it well”. João Costa was speaking at the opening of the … Read more

Guided tours in Coimbra through the streets, gardens and fountains throughout the month of June

The City Hall of Coimbra continues its guided tours and will include 10 different themes in its June tourist offer. The natural heritage of the city, the medieval layout of the Baixa, the funerary architecture of the Conchada cemetery, the university colleges of Alta, José Saramago and Zeca Afonso are some of the routes that … Read more

La rassegna settimanale di Benzinga sulle auto elettriche

La rassegna settimanale di Benzinga sulle auto elettriche Le vendite nel settore delle auto elettriche if sono estese alla settimana abbreviata per le vacanze pasquali, in a contesto caratterizzato slab interruzioni della production dovute alla carenza di componenti e alla chiusura degli impianti in Cina; the general debolezza del mercato did not contribute to improve … Read more

Almost 90% of footballers defend the reduction in the number of games per season | international soccer

A study launched by FIFPRO, the international footballers’ union, concluded that 87% of professional players are in favor of limiting the number of games per season, to protect themselves from possible injuries and negative mental impacts. “We are athletes, not machines,” they warn. The survey, which involved 1,055 players and 92 performance specialists (including doctors, … Read more