The multinational Shell has 1200 vacancies with and without higher education requirements. See how to apply and locations

Shell is one of the largest fuel producers in the world – Canva The multinational Shell has opportunities in its service and fuel stations across Brazil. Not to mention that there are vacancies for computer science and marketing graduates. Shell, a multinational fuel company, has job vacancies in various fields focusing on gas stations and … Read more

Faced with climate change, rich countries appealed to the poorest – 06/15/2022 at 16:25

A villager walks into a dry pond in the village of Bandai, West India’s Pali district on May 11, 2022 ( AFP / Prakash SINGH ) Drought, crop losses, rising water levels… Climate change is already causing death and destruction in poor countries, and the call for rich countries is growing to help them financially … Read more

Germany versus England. Mutual respect, fan concerns and lost super talent.

Southgate: “I would have liked to keep Musiala” England manager Gareth Southgate is still disappointed that Bayern gem Jamal Musiala has opted for the DFB side. The 51-year-old thinks life in Munich has certainly influenced him. 07.06.2022 On Tuesday, the classic between Germany and England will go up to the Nations League. Before the prestige … Read more

How will the metaverse make money?

Three trillion US dollars: That’s the metaverse’s estimated contribution to the global economy in 2031, if adoption started today and growth after their first decade matched that of smartphone-related industries, according to a recent study by research firm Analysis Group, commissioned by Meta Platforms (META, US$195.65), parent company of Facebook. The metaverse, this technological vision … Read more

Iit-Inail, i prototipi esoscheletri per i lavoratori del futuro

The Istituto italiano di tecnología (Iit) and l’Inail presentano i nuovi prototipi di esoscheletri robotici collaborativi a uso industriale che servianno per rendere il lavoro in ambito industriale e manifatturiero plus sicuro. Grazie ai motori elettrici con cui sono equipeggiati and ad algoritmi di intelligenza artificiale, questi device indossabili supporteranno lavoratori e lavoratrici nei compiti … Read more

Curriculum today VS then: what has changed and what are companies looking for today? | + Employment

It’s important to fully understand the job you’re applying for and prepare your CV to highlight your characteristics that best apply to it. Image: freepik Even in an increasingly digital world of work, the CV remains an important tool for landing a job. However, adapting it to business requirements can generate anxiety among candidates. Currently, … Read more

Rhein-Kreis: the jury awards two scholarships to migrants

June 15, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. Integration works in the Rhine district : The jury awards a scholarship to migrants Denis Dorsky (right) and Ahmet Eren Akdag receive the Rhein-Kreis migrant scholarship this year. Photo: Buntig Photo: Stefan Büntig Rhine district Denis Dorskiy and Ahmet Eren Akdag receive 300 euros per month during their studies. … Read more

Marine robotics symposium in Toulon – La Garde University » PACA’s economic and political newsletter

On 14-15 June 2022, the University of Toulon, with the support of the Erasmus Mundus+ Program of the European Union, organized a symposium entitled “Bio-inspired & Marine Robotics”, which brought together international scientists, industrialists, lecturer-researchers and students in the field of marine robotics. The symposium is part of the Erasmus Mundus International Master of Excellence … Read more