InvestSP calls on municipalities to prepare for the arrival of 5G – 06/15/2022

InvestSP (São Paulo Agency for the Promotion of Investments and Competitiveness) brought together public managers from across the state last weekend, in Guarujá, to discuss the importance of municipal management in the arrival of 5G internet, which will guarantee browsing up to 100 times and is expected to inject up to R$270 billion into São … Read more

5 advantages of using Bitcoin in online stores – 06/14/2022

Online stores have become a booming business in the current economic conditions. Not only do they provide consumers with a convenient way to purchase merchandise, but they are also a great way for small and medium-sized businesses to sell products to potential customers around the world. A growing number of e-commerce businesses are beginning to … Read more

Benefits of investing in a gaming notebook to perform common tasks – 06/14/2022

Although it was developed primarily for gamers, anyone who thinks only that audience can benefit from the robust settings of a playbook. Whether for simple daily activities, such as working, studying and surfing the Internet, or for performing tasks that require heavy programs and the management of a large volume of information, these laptops offer … Read more

Explore all of Samsung’s service channels – and find out which one is right for you – 07/06/2022

Whether through digital means or in person, Samsung offers several ways for customers to clarify doubts, configure new products and request technical support services, in addition to offering tips, videos and tutorials for consumers. to explore the devices to the fullest. Check below what are the Samsung Service Channels and how you can trigger them. … Read more

5G and the future of work – 06/01/2022

The arrival of 5G in Brazil promises a disruptive revolution in the internet and mobile telephony as we know it today – and that means many job opportunities. Technological innovation, planned for the second half, brings with it better speed, better productivity and the arrival of new professions. In this context, what will be the … Read more

How to restore trust in the online gaming market – 05/30/2022

Several online casinos have tools that confirm the reliability of their platforms. Among the resources used by the sites that offer this service are the operating licenses issued by the international authorities. However, this was not enough to confirm that is a really reliable site. Therefore, the game market has created more resources to confirm … Read more

Here is the train… …it passes in front of the future new station. Let the old be preserved. – 05/08/2022

On April 25, 2014, we photographed the surroundings of the Rio Grande da Serra station, pointing the camera towards the land intended for the new station. Time passes… And now it’s time to talk about the new station. The stories abound. That of Rio Grande was born with the railroad, in 1867. It acquired new … Read more