A missing Amazon server trained natives in the use of drones and land surveillance

Letícia Mori – From BBC News Brazil to São Paulo posted on 06/07/2022 18:36 The monitoring project equips and trains indigenous people to carry out monitoring in the area – (Credit: Bruno Araújo/Univaja) Before disappearing in the Amazon, indigenist and Funai (National Indigenous Foundation) worker Bruno da Cunha de Araújo Pereira worked to train and … Read more

Amazon on fire: from the “passage of the herd” to the disappearance of Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips

In May 2020, Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) Celso de Mello made public the entirety of a meeting between Bolsonaro (PL) and all his ministers at the time. In addition to the “bar talk” vibe revealed by the recording, a speech by then-Minister of the Environment, Ricardo Salles, caught the eye. With the … Read more

Information technologies – Setic presents a report with quarterly analyzes of the actions carried out in the technological services of Rondônia – Government of the State of Rondônia

The presentation of service metrics is intended to ensure control of all requests received, classified and processed The State Superintendence of Information and Communication Technologies – Setic, presented a report with quarterly analyzes of the actions carried out by the State’s technological infrastructures and services. The government of Rondônia, as well as the units of … Read more

We’ve tested Starlink on gaming, VoIP, YouTube, Netflix and more

In the third video in the Starlink series, we put Elon Musk’s satellite internet quality to the test. We tested and showed how Starlink performs with large file downloads and uploads, its latency in games, and its ability to serve an entire family, with multiple devices connected to the Internet at the same time. All … Read more

Agreement between Amazon and Stellantis per sviluppo dell’auto connessa

AGI – Stellantis e Amazon hanno anunciato oggi una serie di accordi globali e pluriennali “per sviluppare esperienze connesse customer-centric su milioni di veicoli”. The new intesa, proposes a note, favoring the transition of the furniture settore against a future sustainable and efficient solution given by the software. The agreement, between Amazon Devices, Amazon Web … Read more