Gaming laptop or gaming PC? See which one is worth the most – Arkade

Gaming is on the rise, but often before they start their game, gaming enthusiasts face a tough decision between choosing a gaming PC or a gaming laptop. A PC can be an alternative cheaper in the long run, allowing for even greater customization, allowing the user to make changes with greater ease over time. Meanwhile, … Read more

Five games that DO NOT need a remake – Arkade

There are many games that have been loved by many people, at various times, that are always present on many lists of “games that deserve a remake”. This is due to fan curiosity to see how past adventures could be replicated on current consoles. Resident Evil 2 and 3, Final Fantasy 7, Demon’s Souls and … Read more

This is how it all began: Odyssey Aventura, the first video game magazine in Brazil – Arkade

In the 80s, the growth of video games around the world made everyone want to know what was new, as well as discover the great games that were on the way or were already on the shelves. The need for information caused media initiatives to begin to see the potential to further explore the world … Read more

Doctoral Program in French and Francophone Studies (The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA)

The Department of French and Italian at Ohio State University in Columbus will be offering assistantship positions to talented candidates for their PhD program in French and French-language studies from August 2022. Among the applicants, the most deserving will also be nominated for competitive scholarships. Successful applicants will teach one French course per semester in … Read more