Apply now for a student exchange scholarship / Volunta participates in the AJA scholarship – the application deadline is September 30, 2022

Wiesbaden (ots) – The Hessian Red Cross branch Volunta participates in the scholarship program of the AJA (working group of non-profit youth exchange organizations) for international student exchange. Interested young people can apply for a partial scholarship for the program year 2023/2024 with departure in the summer of 2023 until September 30, 2022. Volunta awards … Read more

Looking forward to the first hockey derby with the BTHC

hockey Looking forward to the first hockey derby with the BTHC 05/11/2022, 20:37 | Reading time: 5 minutes Good call: Instead of pulling the trigger himself, Moritz Krantz (left) drives the ball towards the baseline and finds Torne Krüger (right) lying in wait, who scores to make it 2 -0 against Club zur Vahr. Photo: … Read more

Scholarship for voluntary service / Germany’s oldest non-profit exchange organization celebrates its 90th anniversary

Bonn (ots) – 90 years ago, American Donald B. Watt started an international exchange project – “The Experiment in International Living” – to promote intercultural understanding and peaceful coexistence. Today, 90 years later, the German branch of the oldest non-profit exchange organization “Experiment – Dein Austauschorganisation” pursues the same goals and is committed to tolerance, … Read more