Missing native challenges drug trafficking and mining in the Amazon

National Indian Foundation (Funai) employee Bruno da Cunha Araújo Pereira is cleared by the agency to work on a project to improve surveillance in indigenous territories against drug traffickers, prospectors and loggers operating in Vale do Javari, State of Amazonas. The mission, given to him by an organization that represents the isolated and recently contacted … Read more

We’ve tested Starlink on gaming, VoIP, YouTube, Netflix and more

In the third video in the Starlink series, we put Elon Musk’s satellite internet quality to the test. We tested and showed how Starlink performs with large file downloads and uploads, its latency in games, and its ability to serve an entire family, with multiple devices connected to the Internet at the same time. All … Read more

Game release moves intense lobby

“We can be protagonists and make Angra Bay a new Cancún. We have huge potential there. What do we depend on to start realizing this dream? Verbalized by Jair Bolsonaro exactly three years ago, still in the first half of his government, the intention to legalize casinos and other gambling establishments in Brazil now only … Read more

The CNJ will carry out an inspection in the administrative and judicial sectors of the Court of Justice of Paraíba between June 6 and 8, under the terms of Order No. 39/2022

ORDER N. 39, OF MAY 3, 2022. Determines the execution of the inspection to verify the functioning of the administrative and judicial sectors of the Court of Justice and the extrajudicial services of the State of Paraíba. THE CORREGEDORA OF NATIONAL JUSTICE, in the exercise of its legal and regimental attributions, CONSIDERING the assignment to … Read more

Senate poll shows popular approval of the game

While the bill that legalizes gambling awaits a vote in the Federal Senate, a poll by the Casa Institute (DataSenado) reveals that 58% of Internet users are in favor of the liberation of casinos, bingo, games animals and sports betting. In the opinion of citizens who participated in the survey – which had 806 participants … Read more

Positivo Chromebooks are facilitating teaching activities in schools across the country

The Positivo Chromebook N2210 and Positivo Chromebook N2212 computers, the result of the partnership between Positivo and Google, have risen to prominence in recent years with the increased demand for blended learning and the increase in the use of technology in daily life. schools. Positivo’s Chromebooks are designed to get things done faster and easier … Read more

Discover the best bonuses offered by online bookmakers | News from Caceres

the market for online betting it moves millions every day and the outlook is favorable for all parties involved, both platforms that offer a variety of games and players looking for fun and money. To sports betting are among the segments that contribute to the growth of online casinos because a large part of bettors, … Read more