Ennepetal: 18 years after high school on the cabaret stage

Ennepetal. A young cabaret artist from Ennepetal gets a coveted scholarship. The 18-year-old meets well-known cabaret artists at the Tip of the Tongue festival. Hfsbef nbm 29 Kbisf bmu voe tdipo fjof lmbsf Wpstufmmvoh wpn Mfcfo ; Ebt usjggu bvg Boojlb Xjfhboe bvt Foofqfubm {v/ Ejf gsjtdi hfcbdlfof Bcjuvsjfoujo xfjà cfsfjut kfu{u- xfmdif [jfmf tjf … Read more

Börse Express – annual presentation of renowned Burgenland wineries

On May 19, 2022, after a 2-year break, the annual presentation of the famous Burgenland vineyards took place in Esterházy Palace. Eisenstadt (OTS) – More than 500 guests – trade visitors, wine lovers and friends of the RWB – came to Esterházy Palace to experience the wonderful ambience of the state rooms, chat with winemakers … Read more

Eight stumbling blocks: Essen high school commemorates Nazi victims

Essen Bredeney. At a school in Essen, stumbling blocks have been laid for eight former pupils. They had been deported and murdered by Nazi henchmen. Herbert Weis wore the Star of David and was only 29 years old. A stumbling block in front of his former school on Ruschenstraße in Bredeney, the site of the … Read more

The pioneering project “Eifel-Myzel” wants to change the world of work

May 19, 2022 at 06:40 Community economy : Cooperation instead of competition: this is how the pioneering project “Eifel-Myzel” wants to change the world of work Nadine Stalpes and Dominik König want to bring sustainable projects to the Eifel with “Eifel Myzel”. Photo: TV/Tanja Hammes Bitburg How do we want to live in the future? … Read more

Gladbeckerin would like to do well with his art scholarship

Gladbeck. Petra Linzner is involved in the protection of nature and animals. The crows did it for her. Now she wants to help people in a special way. Tpmjebsjuåu- Lvotu voe Xjttfo tjoe gýs ejf Hmbecfdlfsjo Qfusb Mjo{ofs )69* esfj vousfoocbsf Tåvmfo jisfs Lsfbujwjuåu jn hftfmmtdibgumjdifo Njufjoboefs/ Tfju nfis bmt 41 Kbisfo hfi÷su tjf bmt … Read more

Siegen – a physicist makes photographic art: the banana meets the wire

won. Mustafa Kizilcay exhibits in the KuKu producer gallery in Kaan-marienborn: He gathers. which does not match. Upnbufo jo fjofs Iboez.Tdibdiufm- fjo Hsbobubqgfm nju fjofn Tuýdl Tfjgf- Cbobofosftuf nju fjofn Bohfmcftdixfsfs; Nvtubgb Lj{jmdbz lpncjojfsu Pckfluf- ejf opsnbmfsxfjtf ojdiu {vtbnnfohfi÷sfo- voe wfstdibggu tfjofo Gpuphsbgjfo ebevsdi fjof wfscmýggfoef Xjslvoh/ Ebwpo l÷oofo tjdi Lvotujoufsfttjfsuf jo efs Bvttufmmvoh ‟Rvfsevsdi” … Read more

Börse Express – Joy shared on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the ARS Academy

Interested persons can apply for four scholarships by June 22 Vienna (OTS) – The Austrian Work Climate Index shows that in 2022 almost one in four employees would like to change jobs. The desire for change affects not only the employer, but also the professional activity itself. There are several reasons for this. In addition … Read more

Looking forward to the first hockey derby with the BTHC

hockey Looking forward to the first hockey derby with the BTHC 05/11/2022, 20:37 | Reading time: 5 minutes Good call: Instead of pulling the trigger himself, Moritz Krantz (left) drives the ball towards the baseline and finds Torne Krüger (right) lying in wait, who scores to make it 2 -0 against Club zur Vahr. Photo: … Read more

Scholarship for voluntary service / Germany’s oldest non-profit exchange organization celebrates its 90th anniversary

Bonn (ots) – 90 years ago, American Donald B. Watt started an international exchange project – “The Experiment in International Living” – to promote intercultural understanding and peaceful coexistence. Today, 90 years later, the German branch of the oldest non-profit exchange organization “Experiment – Dein Austauschorganisation” pursues the same goals and is committed to tolerance, … Read more

Emmericher Robert Kominek on track to master

April 11, 2022 at 2:25 p.m. Butcher Broeder : Robert Kominek on track to become a master Robert Kominek (left) completed his training at the Bröder butcher’s in Elten. He remains loyal to his company. Master Walter Bröder (right) is proud of his companion. The boy is a “really good guy”, says the boss. Photo: … Read more