Immatricolazioni auto: mercato Italia, -32.7% in September – Industria

In September, the number of units in Italy was 105,175, up 32.7% in this month of 2020. The nine-month total is 1,165,491 units, up 20.6% on the same period of 2020. I dati sono del ministero dei Transporti. Stellantis has registered as of September 33, 330, it 41.6% in this month of 2020. The share … Read more

CO2 emissions in Europe, massimo aiuto dai tanto temuti suv – Sotto la Lente

L’ambiente teme i suv, because il loro impact on CO2 emissions livello is on average greater than 13% rispetto all other car typologies with sedan, wagon and minivan cpn motori ICE. But if you analyze in detail the trend of the mediation emission in the corso del 2021, if you scopre che l’ambiente must ringraziare … Read more

Unrae: increase the anzianità delle auto circolanti in Italy – Attualità

Come la popolazione, ache le autoche che circolano in Italy I always sleep more vecchie. Statistical analysis of the autoveicoli market in Italy published in the Book 2021, calculated in 38.8 million additional autovetture circolanti a fine 2021, with an average of 7.9 anni del 2009 and annual growth in a good year agli 11 … Read more