Johnny Depp, Amber Heard and all of us

The judgment occupies thousands of media pages and millions of military online publications. Will it be more attention? Or more manipulation? After all, the case is only “a dozen words”. Here’s how the media is handling the case. “It’s like the OJ Simpson trial, but with technology.” That’s what Autumn Witbeck, a stay-at-home mom from … Read more

EU spokesperson: Russian Embassy staff “Wear a cape to conceal spy activity”

In an interview with CNN Portugal, Peter Stano, the European Union’s chief foreign affairs spokesman, explains how Putin places a disproportionate number of officials “who pose as diplomats” in Russian embassies in the European Union to spy on host states, including Portugal. . . This representative of the Union’s diplomatic service also asserts that the … Read more

This American Graduate Couldn’t Say “Gay” In His Speech, So He Did

Florida class president couldn’t talk about being gay in his high school graduation speech – that’s why he talked about his curly hair A Florida high school class president says he wasn’t allowed to share his experiences as a gay student in his commencement speech, or how the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law of State … Read more

Covid-19, acute hepatitis, monkeypox: do we have more diseases today than before? Why do we have this “sense of constant threat”?

Faced with the avalanche of news about diseases we had never heard of, it is normal to feel insecure, but experts guarantee that there is no reason to panic. Diseases exist, but we are also better prepared to prevent, detect and treat them. Covid-19, acute hepatitis, monkeypox. Is it just us, or are we suddenly … Read more

Joe Biden reacts to Texas shooting: ‘When are we going to stand up to the gun lobby?’

“When in the name of God are we going to do what we think needs to be done?” The President of the United States of America reacted in the early hours of Wednesday to the shooting at an elementary school in Uvalve, Texas, which left at least 21 people dead, including 18 children. In a … Read more

Four days trapped in the “House of Horrors”. The former US soldier fighting in Ukraine was so close to the Russians he could hear them walking on glass

The foreign soldiers spent “four miserable days” hardly sleeping, under Russian artillery and heavy infantry. Kevin, a stocky American in his thirties, climbs the charred rubble of an old sauna and flashes the light from his iPhone through the dust. “Let’s stop here, because this thread is intentionally tied to something and buried here,” he … Read more

Doctors warn of gaps in cancer data and wait times. “It’s diabolical”

No one knows for sure how long it takes for each patient to have surgery for a serious oncological condition, healthcare professionals warn. “This has an impact on treatments,” they warn. The ERS confirms that there is an issue with user registration and has even issued recommendations. But the situation remains unresolved “The government must … Read more

Paulo Portas: “The fall of Azovstal was the most important political moment for the Russians, after the capture of Kherson”

The TVI commentator has no doubt that some of the Azovstal prisoners will be tortured and used in show trials. Furthermore, he recommends caution in the promises made on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union. And he harshly criticizes the idea of ​​closing Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon: “It’s playing politics to get likes” The … Read more

EXCLUSIVE. Russian official reveals how he risked everything to get out of Putin’s war

After weeks of sleeping in crates of grenades, a guilt-ridden Russian officer decided to give up. He risked everything by refusing to fight. It took a few weeks of sleeping in crates of grenades, using them as beds, and hiding the faces of Ukrainians in growing guilt, until this junior Russian officer came to the … Read more

Cave discovery could help unravel the biggest mystery of human evolution

A tooth unearthed in a remote cave in Laos is helping to unravel an unknown chapter in the story of human evolution. Researchers believe the tooth belonged to a young woman who lived at least 130,000 years ago and likely belonged to the Denisovans – an enigmatic group of early hominids first identified in 2010. … Read more