Interest rate panic. It’s not “the motherfuckers of the markets”, it’s us

ANALYSIS Interest rates on sovereign debt soared this week, prompting urgent meetings at the ECB and rekindling the trauma in Portugal. Pedro Santos Guerreiro’s analysis And suddenly, the ECB woke up panicked for fear of a sovereign debt crisis in Europe. It is with the same suddenness that the interest rates of the bonds of … Read more

“It was the most humiliating and horrible thing I have ever experienced.” Amber Heard will keep her testimony until the “day of my death”

Amber Heard gave the first interview since the lawsuit which pitted her against Johnny Depp exclusively on the show “Today”, the first part of which aired on Tuesday. Amber Heard has opened up about everything from how the public treated her during her defamation lawsuit with ex-husband Johnny Depp, to whether she was telling the … Read more

“Bullshit” about electoral fraud and a “drunken mayor” who convinced the president. 14 sentences in the commission that can condemn Trump in the invasion of the Capitol

ANALYSIS. January 6 Commission, date of US Capitol invasion, pursues revelations surrounding Donald Trump The 14 most compelling sentences from the January 6 Commission hearing For the second time in the past five days, the Jan. 6 commission met publicly to claim that former President Donald Trump knew he was lying about fraud in the … Read more

‘It could happen to any of us’: Video of men stepping on woman’s head rocks China deeply

ANALYSIS. More and more cases of violence against women are shared on Chinese networks, which in turn delete the content. Tata, a 34-year-old woman from the Chinese city of Chengdu, was browsing social media in her office on Friday afternoon when she came across a chilling video that shook her to the core. Surveillance footage … Read more

Exclusive: How cryptocurrency tech could help prove Russia committed war crimes

A case based on cryptography was presented to the International Criminal Court. And that can change the course of investigations. In early March, a Telegram user posted a photo of a wrecked school in the outskirts of Kharkiv, Ukraine. The photograph showed the side of a classroom with a large borehole and a pile of … Read more

The Ministry of Cybersecurity – CNN Portugal

Every day we almost helplessly witness too many cases of cyberattacks. It is not a local problem, although I recognize that more recently and due to the lack of preparation of companies and entities, Portugal is a little more exposed to this phenomenon. But the reality of the challenge is global and between the jostling … Read more

‘I’m trying to get justice for women…revenge too’: Paula Rego (1935-2022), who was ‘shocking and exciting’

“Get out of here, this is not a country for women,” her father told her. And she left. Paula Rego celebrated “the splendid richness of life” through images “darkly sexual, deeply sinister, full of drama, violence and symbolism”. Died this Wednesday, there will be national mourning He said he just wanted to “make dolls” and … Read more

Luís Filipe Vieira: ‘I didn’t rob Benfica’

Ex-Benfica chairman talks holding, takeover bid and meeting John Textor Luís Filipe Vieira guarantees he didn’t steal any money from Benfica. In an interview with CMTV, almost a year after the arrest, the former president of Benfica talks about the legal proceedings that removed him from the management of the club. “I didn’t rob Benfica. … Read more

The United States has already administered 1,200 monkeypox vaccines

Other cases are occurring around the world. Countries are moving forward with studies and actions. In the United States, vaccines have already begun to be administered. As the number of monkeypox cases [ou “varíola dos macacos”] rising, in an ongoing global outbreak, U.S. health workers said Friday they were stepping up testing and contact tracing … Read more

By age 17, she was supporting her family on a salary at McDonald’s. Now gone to space

When he arrived in the United States, he did not know a word of English. He even had four jobs to support his family and study. This Saturday, he traveled to the edge of space. A spacecraft built by Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin took its fifth group of passengers to the far reaches of space, … Read more