Tips for bringing an old laptop back to life

Degradation of any computer over time is inevitable and, unfortunately, laptops are no exception. The hardware gets old, that high tech feeling goes away in the first few months and from there it always goes downhill. That’s why it’s more common to switch laptops than desktops. However, there are a number of things we can … Read more

General Library of the University of Coimbra shows its oldest “treasure” | Books

The Atlantic Biblical Codex, a 12th century work, a contemporary of King Afonso Henriques and the oldest “treasure” of the General Library of the University of Coimbra (BG/UC), will be shown to the public on Thursday, the institution announced. Speaking to the Lusa agency, João Gouveia Monteiro, director of the BG/UC, recalled that the General … Read more

It happens to the best: José Costa and José da Costa, Social Security confused them and paid the pension of the other

José Costa was left without a pension overnight. He later discovered that his social security number had been mistakenly assigned to another man with the same name and born on the same day. Once the problem was identified, the most difficult thing was to find the solution. If you have a headache that you can’t … Read more

Guided tours in Coimbra through the streets, gardens and fountains throughout the month of June

The City Hall of Coimbra continues its guided tours and will include 10 different themes in its June tourist offer. The natural heritage of the city, the medieval layout of the Baixa, the funerary architecture of the Conchada cemetery, the university colleges of Alta, José Saramago and Zeca Afonso are some of the routes that … Read more

Diogo Valente: ‘It couldn’t happen to a club like Académica’ – Académica

The unprecedented relegation of Académica da 2.ª Liga, confirmed this Sunday, is something that “could not happen”, says Lusa Diogo Valente, a former “hero” of “Briosa”, who lived in Coimbra “the highest moment of the career”. “It’s sad to see a club of this size, with these conditions, in a city like Coimbra… it’s sad. … Read more