Regions without basic services; EU with ‘lots of evidence’ of crimes

Governor of Luhansk warns of heavy shelling Beatrice Cavaca | 18 minutes ago “The whole free region of Lugansk suffered heavy shelling. Fierce street fighting continues in Severodonetsk. We are exhausting the enemy. Today, June 10, the Russians missed again. The regional center is Ukrainian. The road Lysychansk-Bakhmut is ours. “Completely” evacuation is possible only … Read more

The Museum of Ancient Art shows the exchange of games between East and West

THE The exhibition “Cross Games. Journeys between East and West”, presented until September 25, is based on one of the largest private collections of game boards in the world and is curated by Ulrich Schädler, director of the Swiss Museum of the Game, and Thomas Thomson. Divided into eight sections, this exhibition addresses the migration … Read more

Audi analyzes and dispels eight myths about autonomous driving

O what will bring autonomous driving back to the car market? Will it be soon? Will cars be able to drive anywhere? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered when it comes to self-driving. This is why Audi has carried out a study called “SocAIty”, prepared with the help of renowned … Read more

South Africa invests and guarantees priority in Brazil

Disclosure / IT Communications Diogo Caldeira and Milly Lacombe, from TI Comunicações, Dinky Malikane, from South African Tourism, Tati Isler, from TI Comunicações, and Marcelo Marques, from South African Tourism South Africa believes it will soon recover the volume of Brazilian visitors recorded before the pandemic. In 2019, 80,000 Brazil passports were stamped in the … Read more

What to do to help improve the diagnosis of thyroid disease

VSit is generally said that people understand each other by speaking to each other, but for this it is also necessary that everyone speaks the same language. And that they know what they are talking about. In order for patients with thyroid disorders, doctors and other healthcare professionals to share this understanding, International Thyroid Week, … Read more

The matches (and bets) that promise to heat up the weekend

THE The weekend is fast approaching and football excitement promises to take over…on Sunday. THE Sports Minute introduces you to the six games that will heat up the next few days across Europe and in which you can place your bets on Betclic. Premier League: Arsenal-Everton (May 22, 4:00 p.m.) The top tier of English … Read more

Thousands of people demonstrate in Los Angeles against the abolition of the right to abortion

“NopeWe will not go back”, “my body, my choice” and “resist” were some of the slogans shouted by a list of celebrities and progressive politicians and repeated by the crowd, which could have reached 50 thousand people, according to organization of the Women’s March Foundation. “Women have always found ways to have an abortion. Making … Read more

The games (and bets) that promise to heat up the weekend and the week

THE the weekend is fast approaching and the football excitement promises to last all week. THE sports by the minute introduces you to the seven games that promise to heat up the next few days across Europe and in which you can place your bets on Betclic. Bundesliga: Stuttgart-Cologne (May 14, 2:30 p.m.) The Stuttgart … Read more

Beuys Prize for Marta Ryczkowskas (Poland) and Daniel Spaulding (USA)

May 14, 2022 at 5:45 a.m. Moyland Castle Museum : The Beuys Prize goes international Presentation of the laureates and the Joseph Beuys Research Prize: Petra Richter (president of the jury), Barbara Strieder (Schloss Moyland), Marta Ryczkowska, Daniel Spaulding, Frank Ruffing, Antje Britt-Mählmann and Julia Niggemann (from left to right). Photo: Klaus-Dieter Stade (kds) Bedburg-Hau-Moyland … Read more

What NRW parties want to do for start-ups.

May 12, 2022 at 5:44 p.m. Analysis of the NRW party program : FDP and Greens see start-ups at the center of regional elections NRW Economy Minister Andreas Pinkwart (middle) campaigned for start-up grants, among other things (file photo). Photo: RP/© MWIDE NRW/R. special man Dusseldorf No good jobs without new businesses. This is why … Read more