Covid-19, acute hepatitis, monkeypox: do we have more diseases today than before? Why do we have this “sense of constant threat”?

Faced with the avalanche of news about diseases we had never heard of, it is normal to feel insecure, but experts guarantee that there is no reason to panic. Diseases exist, but we are also better prepared to prevent, detect and treat them. Covid-19, acute hepatitis, monkeypox. Is it just us, or are we suddenly … Read more

Elderly people waited hours to get vaccinated at Carnaxide without chairs or water

“It’s a shame!” Shouted the companion of an elderly woman who was queuing to be vaccinated at the Carlos Queiroz sports pavilion, in Carnaxide, in the town of Oeiras. “She screams and she is right. It’s impressive. In addition to not having been vaccinated for a while, there are barely any chairs to sit on,” … Read more

Do we have to wear a mask again? What the Experts Say (And There’s a Place They Say It Should Be Now)

In an interview with CNN Portugal, mathematician Henrique Oliveira, from the Instituto Superior Técnico, says the end of mandatory mask use was taken “against the indicators” and that the experts’ recommendation was not about only schools and not workplaces. . At a time when it is not compulsory to wear a mask in the street … Read more

DATAAide: Supporting the Community’s Digital Transition

Claude Pinard, CEO of Centraide of Greater Montreal, leading the new learning and support path. (Photo: Courtesy) PHILANTHROPY. If not bridged, the digital divide can become a real divide. This is the unenviable scenario that faces some 8,000 civil society organizations in Quebec in the coming years. Indeed, their technological backwardness is clear compared to … Read more