what future for banks?

Faced with the evolution of decentralized finance (DeFi – Decentralized Finance), the two parallel universes of traditional centralized banks and decentralized banks are beginning to converge. Rivo Uibo, co-founder of Tuum, provides an update on the rise of cryptocurrencies and DeFi, examining how banks get involved and what benefits they can reap. Interest in decentralized … Read more

Decentralized financing: what future for banks?

Interest in decentralized finance, a general term used to denote peer-to-peer (P2P) financial services based on public blockchain or other decentralized ledger technology, has grown significantly over the past two years. According to a study conducted by the firm KPMG on behalf of the Association for the Development of Digital Assets (Adan), in January 2022, … Read more

Bitcoin: Amazing Statistics, According to an ECB Survey Nearly 6% of French Households Own Cryptos

While the crypto market has had an exemplary correlation with the NASDAQ for a few months now, the French would have less than 6% to have already invested in this volatile, hyper-risky sector, according to a study published by the ECB. †Greed is the fault of the poor“, blows a renowned former wealth management consultant, … Read more

What is Binance, the cryptocurrency giant conquering France?

The crypto giant is attacking the French market. After several months of negotiations, theThe world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange has received approval from the Autorité des marchés financiers to operate in France† The Chinese platform is now registered in France as a digital asset service provider, the famous PSAN labelImplemented three years ago by the Pacte … Read more

what are the candidates’ views on digital and cryptocurrencies?

If one believes one study conducted by KPMG8% of the French have already invested in digital assets, while they only own 6.7%. An even more astonishing figure stands out: for 18% of respondents, the position of presidential candidates on the cryptocurrencies influence their vote. For 4% of them it would even be a decisive point. … Read more