Alfa Romeo opens with the launch the Tonale flagship store in Milan – Attualità

The new history of Alfa Romeo, inherited from the beginnings of the Tonale C-suv and the subsequent program of the electrificazione della gamma, part of that year in 1910, was established in the production of the Anonima Fabbrica Lombarda Automobili. With the inauguration of its new flagship store, located in Milano via Gallarate, the premium … Read more

Easter dilemma: dark, milk, organic, fair trade or raw chocolate?

Chocolate, of course you eat that at Easter. But you can also give or receive them on Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas… and many other days of the year! That said, not all chocolates are created equal. There’s a world between the good old KitKat that helps us when we’re hungry and the fine bites prepared … Read more