Who is Zambrius, the Portuguese hacker who gained access to important state structures?

He entered the system that manages the Brazilian elections and was sentenced to six years for hacking Benfica and Altice, in 2020. Pending the outcome of the appeal, the hacker returned in April by making public several accesses to some of the most important structures of the Portuguese state “There is always something happening in … Read more

Ransomware: how to deal with hackers?

They attack networks and systems and ask you to pay to be able to recover everything they have locked up in “the safe”. But experts say handing over the ‘cheque’ is the last option “In medieval times, in castles, invaders searched where mice entered to find holes and attack. Hackers do the same. They look … Read more

The vulnerability of our data. What hackers can do with just a mobile number

What risks can accessing customer data pose? For CNN Portugal, three experts explain how access to a mobile phone number can open the door to access to a certain amount of personal information that should be non-transferable. Let’s start this article with a hypothetical scenario. They were able to access a carrier’s SIM card management … Read more