Russia must be prevented from defining the terms of the crisis in Ukraine | Opinion

For the past few weeks, Western audiences have been obsessed with the question, “What’s going through Putin’s head?” Western experts wonder: are the people around him telling him the whole truth? Is he sick or is he going crazy? Are we pushing him into a corner where he will see no other way to save … Read more

Political-diplomatic novel… – The week of

Published on : 14-05-2022 – 07:39Altered : 14-05-2022 – 07:40 Their union seems politically risky, but they held out and achieved great and beautiful things in the service of the Ivory Coast. This Friday, May 13, The Ambassador went to the cemetery of Jacqueville, her hero, the Ambassador. His companion of nearly six decades went … Read more

Financing your study project in France

Grants from French embassies abroad French government grants are awarded by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs for studies, internships or language stays in France. Most of them are awarded by the Cooperation and Cultural Action Services French embassies and general consulates abroad. Therefore, regardless of the country of residence, candidates should, prior to … Read more