With 45,000 missing hospitality workers, calls for green lane immigration

High inflation indicates an increase in average prices in hotels between 8 and 10%, according to the AHP. © (Maria João Gala/Global Images) 07 June 2022 • 07:00 Labor shortages in tourism and inflation are the two biggest concerns for the national hotel industry to face the coming summer months and this could even impact … Read more

″We are entering the golden age of Industry 4.0″

“Countries that have more automation and robotization continue to create industrial jobs. There is no need to fear this reality”, Cedrik Neike – CEO of Siemens Digital Industries © Walter Branco 04 June 2022 • 08:02 Cedrik Neike is the CEO of Digital Industries, Siemens, and a member of the management of the German group. … Read more

Political crisis, war and inflation cause record drop in public procurement in Portugal

Sao Joao Hospital, Porto. © Pedro Correia/Global Images May 30, 2022 • 00:01 The political crisis that culminated with the collapse of the first proposed state budget for 2022 (OE2022) and the fall of the government last October, the war that broke out in Ukraine in February, the surge in inflation and production costs combined … Read more

Fools or herd?

Unfortunately, we are idiots, white sheep of a controlled flock. I try to be at least a green sheep! We are always chasing “damage” and trying to adapt to what the few, but with great power, impose on us. Because? Because, it must be. To remark: 1. PandemicA problem. Anyone who objected to the fact … Read more

“I believe this technology will be the future of hardware”

Alex Ruhl, founder and VR director of virtual reality studio “Cats are not peas”. © Jose Carmo / Global Images May 28, 2022 • 06:57 The founder of virtual reality studio CATS are not PEAS, Alex Rühl, is a pioneer in immersive storytelling and her work has won several international awards. The English specialist was … Read more

Fintech Klarna launches app that brings physical store experience online

Fintech Klarna ©DR May 12, 2022 • 1:04 p.m. THE fintech Klarna, a Swedish retail banking, payment and shopping service worldwide, announced on Thursday the launch of a new application, the Klarna Store, which promotes the virtual mall and dedicated to those who buy in line. New application given fintech will bring the physical store … Read more

The circular economy: Europe’s “lifeline”

The circular economy is understood as an economy that actively promotes the efficient use and productivity of the resources it stimulates, through products, processes and business models based on dematerialization, reuse, recycling and recovery. materials. Our global economy, unlike what I described earlier, is based on a “buy, use, throw away” model, in which natural … Read more