ADD ’22, AsConAuto: the filiera del Ricambio Originale semper riferenza per qualità e sicurezza [occhio a manodopera e insegne] – News

President AsConAuto Fabrizio Guidi sottolinea: i dealer saranno anchor irreplaceable protagonist of comparto and cureranno he lega with he own territory, offering a unique national identity: the nostra “A”. However, the Service retains a large weight and the Italia has an average price of 46 € (dealer) and 32 € (desktop) May 24, 2022 L‘Car … Read more

Anteprima 20th Automotive Dealer Day, Verona: interview Alessandro Dal Bon – News

Considerazioni su contenti e novità atteste per il prossimo ADD, 20th edition che si tiene a Verona settimana prossima. In partnership with Alessandro Dal Bon, VP Dealer & Industry Solutions and Member of the Board of Directors of Quintegia 12 2022 Mancano ormai pochi giorni all’Automotive Dealer Day 2022che si tiene always eat Verona: May … Read more

The America of art in post-war France

CRITICAL – Thanks to the GI Bill issued by Roosevelt, the veterans resume their studies in Paris. After Nantes, Montpellier tells their story in 90 works. From our special correspondent in Montpellier More than 400 artists have taken advantage of the GI Bill scholarship, allowing each veteran to fund their studies by enrolling in Parisian … Read more